Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Harborfest 10k/Long run

We had a bunch of RSSTers run the Harborfest 10k last Sunday, this race had the most RIDICULOUS finish ive ever seen. The last 1-200 meters were on the beach, its REALLY hard to run in deep sand!! It was fun though, my first 10k! I got 1st in the 17 & under group with a time of 46:04. I think I like 10ks better than 5ks.

After the race Cathy gave me a ride home in the RSST-mobile!! I was thinking it would have been a very cosy van to go to nationals in. Its got a couch, a kitchen, and a tv!!

I needed to go on a long run Sunday so I went out with Rachel (fellow XCer) her uncle and her dad and we ran probably the best route Ive ever run. It started at the U of R parking lot near the track, then we turned on the road accrosed from the GV rink, cut through on a trail to this neighborhood, then on this path with a nice view of the city, then over a bridge, then through Mt. Hope Cemetery (which is VERY pretty and an awesome place to run) then another bridge, looped through the neighborhood again and cut through to another bridge and did the last 2 miles on the track. It turned out to be 9 miles. Im getting sick of running in Mendon Ponds and Powdermill so Ill start running more in the city.

Ill try to make a map of it, theres this really cool site Rachel told me about,Map My Run, where you can search for routes or make your own. Its addicing!

I won a free Abbotts sundae and a beach towel!!


Ken said...

Congrats on your 10K, Liz!

I just found out about the mapmyrun site on Tuesday night, AWESOME!!!

Liz said...

Isnt it?!!!?