Monday, July 16, 2007

Jungle Jog 5k Challenge

We had a crazy ammount of RSSTers there, everyone who ran it last year improved their times by MINUTES! Ryan, Tom and me were running together for the first mile, then I dropped back a little but kept them in sight. Then I cought Ryan on the downhill, he was hurting. He wants to beat me next time, but we KNOW that wont happen ;P. I didnt get my sub 20, I lost time on the hills, but I did get 20:40 which was good enough for 3rd FEMALE OVERALL!! I was also running with the 2 women who got 1st and 2nd for about 2 miles but didnt realize we were all top 3 untill some people on the side were shouting " GO TOP 3 WOMEN!!" They had these swesome blue popsicles at the end, I had 3. Dont tell Jim.

Lizzie and me.

Me 3rd overall female, Ryan 3rd in age group, Jerry 1st in his, Tim 3rd in his.

...What popsicle?!

What was happening in this picture?!

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