Thursday, November 4, 2010


K so ive been lazy with the posting since theres not much going on, so I wait for it to build up. But I decided to make one just for Mrs. Bee. :)

Im getting a biomodulator to help with the pain and healing. This this is pretty amazing and it works on every kind of pain or physical ailment you could ever think of. Its super expensive, but thanks to my godfather who lent us the money for it I can get it soon!

Ive been going to the oval and spinning with one leg while resting the other on one of those big inflatable balls. Did 40 min the other day and a little core.

Jim got me some of these Boathouse Farms smoothies and I finally got around to trying one, it was berry. I really liked it! Theres 2 more in there, and I feel like ive tried the green one from this brand once and I hated it but this berry one is awesome.

My sucker fish Charles died today :( Hes been doing this thing lately where hed flip upside down on the surface and suck air and it was really weird. We all thought he was dead like 20 times before this. But this time it was for real...I guess he was sick after all. I got charles a few months ago from Nichole Miller when her tank broke and she needed a home for him. She told me to tell everyone that this fish was the secret to my skating season, so it was kinda symbolic when he died. At least Francois Louis (my beta who reluctantly shared the tank with him) is happy now.

I just started watching Alias which Nichole let me borrow on the portable DVD player she bought me, lol. Both of which are amazing. I was hooked from the first 5 minutes even though I was getting distracted by how cool the player was hahaha.

Gabi visited for halloween and left today. We had a party at KDs house. It was kinda weird since a lot of people were in Canada for the world cups but I guess everyone that mattered was there. I dressed as Nancy Kerrigan. Genius. I know. It was Mikeys idea lol. I won funniest costume award. My favorite was Brittanys lumberjack costume, it was so her!!

I drew these pics of my roommates Mikey and Jun a few weeks ago. This is really what they look like.

Also I might have wrote about this last year, but at nationals me gabi and andrea met this eccentric photographer on the plane and he wanted to shoot speedskaters. So we went over to his studio and got a free photoshoot! Finally got the pics. Theyre pretty epic. I look kinda chunky in these though, ive lost 16 lbs since then. 11 from the injury and 5 from workouts, haha! There are a lot so heres the link.

Thats all I can think of for now, good luck to my teammates in Cleveland for Am Cup 2!