Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Scary Runners

I was told I should blog about this, so I will. You know, its actually an important topic I think. Ive been thinking I should get a job lately, but I hate supermarkets and ice cream shops mostly because of some of the customers that go to thoes places. Then I thought a bike shop would be nice, I love cycling and most cyclists are nice people. Then again I dont know anything about bikes, im new to this. So I was thinking a running store would be perfect, im a seasoned runner and for the most part I know what im talking about, and runners are good people too.
So here it is. The ONE THING that is keeping me from the running stores (and some bike shops) are the EMPLOYEES! I couldnt even ask them for help as a customer let alone WORK with them. Theyre just so darn scary!
Ture story. I walk into Medveds one day looking around wondering what to spend my gift certificate on. The whole time im there the 3 guys working watch me and they arent talking to eachother or doing anything. Just staring. Eventually I go up to the counter and ask for some quarter inch spikes and he gives them to me, but then gives me this look like "who are you and what are you doing here". Thats not all. They allways wear either a running hat or these funky biker sunglasses, they are allways clear or yellow so it makes their faces look more intense. With that they will wear technical running shirts and cargo shorts. Im not saying there is anythig wrong with this look, but when I walk in there and see a bunch of intense scary looking mountain biker looking perople I want to run back out. Dont get me wrong, I love that look, if I had any money I get some cool clothes like that too. But they are just NOT approachable in a store, im sure they are all nice people on the trails though. I would definatly go for a run with them.
Ha, I seem to be the only one with this problem, maybe im just paranoid!


leslie said...

you go, skater runner girl - tell it like it is. My buddy Ryan used to work there and he had the look but was super friendly. If i go in there now for anything i just do my own thing and try to ignore the unfriendly ones. Its interesting - it's a shop for athletes yet (except if I was looking for shoes) never has any of them asked me anything about what I do. They don't seem too interested. That's flat out poor customer service. Just pretend at least; show some love.

Liz said...

Yeah, the customer service and overall attitude is way better at Fleet Feet. Actually, there are also less scary people working there! I saw a nice old(ish) lady working once and she still knew her stuff!