Sunday, August 31, 2008


I found this site that rates and reviews fine chocolate, Chocopaedia . Its really cool! Ive been eating this one kind thats all over Salt Lake called Chocolove 70 and 77% thats pretty good. The reviews say its ok but I think they're kinda harsh sometimes. As I type Im eating a Dagoba eclipse with 87% cocoa. I read the reviews that say basically its ugly, splintery, and thin. And they were right! I hate its texture. But they also say it tastes like purple fruit, and we all know purple is a great flavor...haha!

They reviewed my favorite chocolate maker, Michel Cluizel and basically all their stuff rocks. I love their Grand Noir bar which is 85%. The one that got really good reviews and I have to try is the Noir Infini 99%. It almost got a perfect score! These chocolates have the best texture, appearance, and smell ive ever felt, seen, and tasted, definitely try them!

In case you couldn't tell I love dark chocolate as much as MAPLE SYRUP AND PANCAKES!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Banana Pancakes

And by the way... I went to the Jack Johnson concert here in SLC about a week ago. Had banana pancakes before I went to celebrate. Best. Live. Performance. EVER.

PS...FYI I found out that GRADE B maple syrup is the way to go.


I shall attempt to make the AM Cup qualifying time which they so conveniently lowered by half a second, which is 1:43:5. Too bad I cant just take the TT out to the long track, that time would be CRUSHED!!! Wish me luck!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Im cool.

Yup just wanted to tell everyone that. This morning it was on our schedule to go to the oval and do a track workout. So I get there and im only one of 4 people warming up on the bikes. Then 2 leave (turns out they were just there to spin). So I do the workout with this skater, Emilio, and about 75% through Mike Kooreman and another long track coach turn around, theyre like "ah, the dedicated ones! How many laps left?" and gave us a smile and nod. Thats why im cool. It made my day. :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bike Ride

I stopped by a bike shop and got a ride guide so I wouldnt get myself all lost again, and yesterday I picked out this ride that was AMAZING. I must have stopped every 5 mimnutes to get a picture. It went by Big Cottonwood Canyon and the Mt Olympus trailhead. And the busiest 7-11 in America. :)

You can see the city in the back!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Yaaaay I made a cake for the opening cerimonies!! A MAPLE SYRUP CAKE!!! Why is this opening ceremonies so special to me you ask? Because it's the FIRST opening ceremonies Ive ever seen. Personally, I cant wait to see the mens gymnastics, mostly because so many have dropped out because of injuries, like the Hamm brothers. Thats sad. I think it was the older one that droped out 2 days ago because of an ankle injury, it killed me a little to read that this was the end of his career and last chance for the olympics. Thoes stories SUCK.

Anyway Ill try to update more since I know now that Marty made my blog his home page!! I feel special.

So I cant WAIT to move into my dorm, the family im with is really nice and have been really generous, but lets just say im glad I don't have younger siblings. I ordered this WIN sport detergant, I HIGHLY reccommend it, it smells nice and it getts the crap out of your skinsuits and workout clothes. The US Olympic team uses it too. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This week will be "the easiest week we have untill after US Championships." because starting today we will have the Australian team sharing ice with us for a month. All 4 of them. Haha.
So today we did relays, relays, and..guess? More relays! Im not gonna lie I HATED relays before I got here, and I still dont like them but it's not as strong a hate. They're growing on me. They're a good workout. But I have ALOT of work to do. It makes it easier to work on relays when everyone is so nice! I was afraid they'd all hate me for missing all the passes but they're all very helpful and show me what to do.

You know how ProBars are around 5 bux apeice? I went to a local farmers market/grocery store and they were a mere 2.80!!
Jim- Will you send me your super secret probar recipe? I think I had one you made one time and it was really good or I heard about you making them and they sounded really good.