Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hug A Tree, Save A Planet.

I love the Earth, without it I wouldnt be able to! :P Thats why I went out today with the RSST to get the crap off of Cobbs Hill (which is also where we do dryland practice). We found some interesting things, a recycling bin, a few broken sleds, a guitar pick (which I gave to Maria :P), a beer bottle with a dead mouse in it, an ironing board, and a bag of pee which nobody touched. We all ended up collecting about 12 bags of garbage. GO US! In honor of Earth Day, they turned off the lights at the Eiffel Tower, that bridge in Australia, the Empire State Building, and some lights in Times Square!! Wow, I bet that saved about 3 million watts of electricity...Anyway, it was a really good time and an awesome way to be usefull. (My car gets 32 miles per gallon, whos the patriot now?!! )

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtfully committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
~Margaret Mead

Us VS. Some Other Team

Yeah, we could have pretty much crushed them walking, we didnt have to run. the score was something rediculous like 75 to 42. Since we did not have any competition all our times sucked and alot of people were up to 5 seconds off their PB's. I was 5 seconds off in my split of the 400m relay (WTF) and 2 inches off in the high jump. But I sucked in that to begin with. The coach put me in the high jump because neither team had anyone there so if I jumped Id win us some puntos. I jumped, cleared it, won, tried for a higher height, crashed, burned, skinned my elbow, landed on the bar, chiropractor isnt in till monday. BOO! I also did the 800m for the first time, it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be but im still feeling kinda sketchy about it. Its too fast for too long. But I came in 2nd behind Shaylin, which I am fine with b/c she is pretty much the fastest runner ever. I wasnt too far behind though! *wink wink*

My Meet Times:
400m relay (my split): *cough*65sec*cough*
800m: 2:31sec
High Jump: 4'4"

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

KC Tea & Noodles

It's this place on Park Ave. with the BEST seseme chicken in the world. No joke. Even my chinese friend thinks so. I dont know what they do differently, the sauce maybe? It's also the only place in Rochester that serves Bubbletea (thats worth going to, the other 2 suck...BAD...dont even look for them). For thoes who do not know what Bubbletea (BBLT) is, it's fresh fruit and tea blended together with pearls of tapioca on the bottom which are cooked untill they are sweet and chewy like a gummy then are rolled in a honey mixture. Most people hear that and gag but give it a chance, it doesnt taste like tapioca. Then you drink it with a huge straw so you can get the bubbles. My favorite flavor is watermelon, thats the flavor they do best. Ive had a few other flavors and they are all very good but just not as good as the watermelon. To give you an idea of how good BBLT is, ill drink it with my PB&J. It's THAT good.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Track is back!

We had our first scrimmage last week, I allmost won the 400m, but a girl from the other school beat me by maybe a few inches. I guess if your gonna lose, it should only be by a few inches. This season, I am doing the 400m, 800m, 400m relay and when the coaches feel like putting me in the 400m hurdles, I suppose ill do that too...but it will cost them. I don't do the hurdles for free. During the scrimmage, coach made me do the 300m hurdles (it was shortened 100m). I made damn sure she had an organic granny smith apple for me at the end of that race. In case you still don't get it, I dislike the hurdles. It's not that I hate them, they're fun during practice, but it is the fate of every hurdler to fall flat on their faces at one point in their career. If I break something, my skating season will be pretty much over. Im depending on my legs to endure some quality training this summer. ......................................HURDLERS: THIS COULD BE YOU!!

Anyway, we've got a bunch of new runners on the team. Since the coaches are making me train with distancethis year (800m and up), ive gotten to know 2 of them, one is anti-sprinting, the other..likes grabbing my hair. But they're both cool. I keep suggesting we run in different areas for practice, like "we do this same route every day, lets run out that way this time!" *hint hint* but nobody seems to get it. The sprinters on the other hand, they do cool workouts like where one person is strapped in to one end of a bungee cord and the other person at the opposite end, the that person sprints and the 1st person stands there untill the cord gets tight, then they run and try to catch up to that person. It's good fun. Not that im complaining about anything, because runners never complain. :)

Official times from the scrimmage:
400m= 61.8 sec
300m hurdles= Something horrible, i'm sure