Friday, June 29, 2007

Pancake Review

This is the recipe Mia gave me:

1 egg
1 cup flour
3/4 cup milk
1 tbs. sugar
2 tbs. oil
3 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt

(1/2 cup berries, chocolate chips, or a mashed up
banana if you like!)

Beat the egg 'til its fluffy
Stir in remaining ingredients
Add more milk for thinner pancakes

Pour onto hot greased (or pammed) skillet and
away you go!
Make about 9 or more 4-inch pancakes

Equipment used:

Cast iron skillet, big plastic flipper, meduim sized red mixing bowl, measuring cups, and a whisk.


Just the right size for one hungry athlete! It cooks pretty fast on med-hi


Needs a little more salt, it was a bit crumbly. I thought it was an accepted FACT that NOTHING ever sticks to a cast iron skillet, but these pancakes did manage to do so. Be sure to grease the skillet well!


Ok, a few weeks ago I found these nasty little bugs in my pasta boxes. When I poured the flour into the mixing bowl, THERE THEY WERE AGAIN!! So I started all over, this time with the not-so-bug-infested cake flour. Dont use cake flour if you can help it, it makes it all cakey. Also, I used Splenda instead of sugar and a little bit of vanilla extract cuz thats how I roll. PS-be sure to MIX WELL, I got a mouth full of baking powder...and the way I was making them, one batch yielded 2.75 pancakes.

Bottom Line:

Tasty. Thanks Mia!!

Heres the finished product:

If anyone else has a pancake recipe, email it to me and ill give it a review! This is fun!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bee Sting Day 3/ New Invention

THE EVIL IS SPREADING! Im no expert on bee stings but I dont think its supposed to do that...

Anyway, since I have been deprived of a bike jersey for the past few weeks I found a new way to carry my banana on long rides. It involves duct tape and the down tube of the bike. I dont know how efficient it is in terms of aerodynamics however.

Unfortunatly, testing for this new invention has ceased because Karen V found a jersey that she never wears and gave it to me! Thank you Karen!! I love this jersey, its VERY colorfull. (Sorry the pic is sideways, deal with it :P)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Ok, so. They're pretty much the best things ever. I nearly knocked over the delivery guy when I saw the package! They must weigh like 2 grams, theyre so light. And theres a cool holographic star on the side!! The zebra stripes on the inside are pretty awesome too. Cant wait to trym out!

Bee Sting Day 2

Ok so the bubble of death went away, but today its all swollen, hot, and painful around the sting. Maybe I am allergic! Yesterday I was pouring baking soda into my hand to put on the sting and it came out like this:

A good omen??

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I got a bee sting at cobbs hill today and MAN it BURNED. Kinda Like a very small localized hot iron pressed on my skin for about 10 min. The swelling went away, but now theres a nice little bubble of pain and suffering! (That poke in the leg is just what I needed to finish thoes stair hops!!)

Friday, June 22, 2007


Ahh pancakes, one of the basic food groups. I just realized how much I love pancakes. With maple syrup. But not just any syrup, it has to be REAL. Theres a place near my camp in the ADK's that serves AWESOME blueberry and apple pancakes with REAL NYS maple syrup! Pancakes just taste better in the mountains. So does hot Tang.

Every time I hear Jack Johnsons "Banana Pancakes" I want to go camping and make pancakes. One time I tried making the banana didnt work. Why wont Jack Johnson make me banana pancakes?

Last day of school

IM A SENIORRR!!!! w00t! (and I got an 88 on my spanish exam!!) Here are some of my *cough* COMPLETELY NORMAL friends....

US History makes Meghan happy.

Spanish conjugation fun with Beto!

They're Amish...

Yeah, English this year = BEST CLASS EVER.

Monday, June 18, 2007


The official hyper fuel. DANG this stuff is great!! I went for the longest bike ride of my life on Sunday arround Canandaigua Lake. It was 46 miles and it took us about 3.5 hrs of riding. Leslie mixed some Perpetuem into my bottle of Heed and told me to shake it up. So I shook it and the top explodes and I got Perpetuem all over his car and my bike HAHAHA!! It does WONDERS for the mileage I bet. Anyway, during the ride, I had TONS of energy, wasnt sore after, and wasnt sore the next day. And thats saying something, since there were some NASTY climbs and doing just the 25 mile rides makes me sore. Too bad I cant buy it, I spent the last of my money on this sweet new helmet that matches B^3!! (pictures later)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

2/3 of the way there!!

As usual, I went biking with my peeps on wednesday. This time though, I decided to stay and run with them after. MAN that feeling you get when you get off the bike and start running is like getting sucked into the ground!! We started off on the watertower hill (which is every XC runners nightmare) and ran for an hour on the trails. Which were hilly. Leslie said something like " yeah watertower is hard. The next hill is harder. The 3rd hill is pretty bad and the 4th is the worst. The next 7 are not AS bad..." HAHA. Funny. Im glad I did it though. I even got to pee in the woods!

Now I know what its like to do a duathlon! Or at least 2/3 of one.

You know that feeling you get before a workout, especially when you have awesome people to workout with? Your like "YEAH!! LETS DO IT!!!" You see this wall of a hill in front of you and you charge up it. I normally have a TON of this energy, but with these workouts lately, I run out of that energy at the end. It allways comes back, usually right before the workout the next day. :P The soreness lingers though....

Friday, June 8, 2007


Royksopp is AMAZING. This is the geico version of the song, the original version is different and in my opinion not as cool. Every song of theirs ive listened to so far is awesome, especially Circuit Breaker!!

Who Killed The Electric Car?

The government. The oil companies. GM took a stab too. I was watching this movie in Environmental Awareness club today, it was actually quite depressing. The electric car emitts no harmfull gases and its easy to charge up. So why was it killed? The EV1 from GM was only available for lease for a short while untill GM decided there was no demand for them (thousands of people were on a waiting list...) and sent them all to be crushed and recycled.

This car was great for most americans...the average commute is about 30 miles, this thing could go about 70 miles per charge, and I heard something about hem fixing it to go about 110! The fact is that there WAS a high demand for them, GM and the oil companies realized this and felt threatened and so decided NOT to advertise them and took them off the roads so the oil and auto companies would not lose any money. I also heard about the oil companies buying patents to keep modern electric batteries from use in electric cars in the US.

The government was supporting the oil industries in the fight to kill the ZEV mandate (which required dealerships to have a certain percentage of sales be electric cars) and has promoted that sale of cars with crappy fuel efficiency THROUGH TAX BREAKS!! *cough* SUV *cough*

Ok, there haven been arguments about the SUV being safer...(BS) SURE the person DRIVING is safer, because THEY'RE NOT THE ONES WHO JUST GOT PLOWED OVER. Do you really want a pimped out, over priced, un-patriotic, un-economical, oversized peice of crap that is poisoning the very air we breath? Sure, electric cars are expensive, but there ARE cheaper alternatives.

As for me...Ill stick with my VW Supermini!! Wheeeee!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Big Blue Bomb

YES its semi-official. I think I found a good name for her. Its a long name, so I might type it as B^3 or BBB. I love my bike. Shes so LIGHT! I went out biking today with Beth, it was so much fun!! This other biker got out in front of us and we drafted him for a while, I thought it was a little weird, but the guy didnt seem to notice us :P I really want to get into duathlons this summer, Beth said I could probably qualify for the World Duathlon Champs because there are basically no other girls in my age group. HAHA. I missed the regular worlds, but the Long Distance Worlds are in October AND in this country which means I can afford it!! Anyway...we got this new digital camera so I did a photo shoot of the Big Blue Bomb.

B^3 almighty

Im ready for my close up Mr. DeVille!

Work it B^3!!

I like this one.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

State Qualifiers

This is our 4x8 team. We officially ROCK. We pb'd by 10 seconds!!!! I PB'd in my 800 split by 6 seconds. I PB'd in my 400m too. I AM SO HAPPY IT'S OVER!! Now....focusing on dryland training and duathlons. Fun fun fun!!

Kierstin, Jane, Lisa, Alli, me, Devon.

Emmese and me. Yup,were cool.

Morgan. LOL shes so scarry.

The mandatory James Bond moment.

Im high on LIFE.

Meet Times:

4x800m Split: 2:22!!!
400m: 59.32!!!


It went ok...kind of... :/ our 4x4 got DQ'd. One girl was wearing a top under her jersey and it had a little bit of writing on it but you could hardly see it, she asked the ref before her 4x1 (she does 4x1 and 4x4) and he said it ws ok. So she assumed it would be ok for the 4x4, they didnt say ANYTHING before she ran, and I KNOW they saw her wearing it. So I ran last leg, after her. They waited untill AFTER I ran to say something. As soon as I crossed the finish they told us. Can you believe that?! The 400m was ok, I got 4th or 5th place, the time wasnt good because of the wind, 61 or 62 something.

The 4x8 was CRAZY!! They had a 10 min break before we had to race, so me and another girl from the relay were just sitting there and relaxing. A few minutes later we hear someone yelling for us and we run down and everyone is allready on the line!!! We didnt even have our spikes on yet! We run to the line and the other 2 girls were there rushing us and one of them is like "liz! you have to run first!!" Im wondering why SHE cant do it since im obviously not ready. So as they call 1st runners to the line im there tieing my spikes. Then I realize we dont have a baton. I freak out, and one gets thrown to me from who knows where, and we start. As soon as I get off the start, my spike catches one girls heal, and I fall right into her. I was so embarrassed, when I tripped I tried to grab onto something instinctively, unfortunatly it was the girls butt and I almost pulled her shorts down with me!! HAHAHA! I did catch myself and ran my 800 split in 2:28, not bad for untied shoes, a trip and no warmup.

The 4x8

Me finishing the 4x4