Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Ive decided to switch over to long track. It could be because the crash put me off, Maybe ive been more interested in LT for a while, maybe I think LT will be easier on my body especially after I recover from this injury. Maybe a mix of all those reasons? who knows. Its helped that everyone even when I was doing ST kept telling me I should switch because id be better at it, so maybe I will be. Well see. Im not sure how fast my leg will keep recovering, I can already do most things related to dryland. I can bike too. Just cant run and skating is a little awkward. The bottom of my foot is still numb but I still don't know if that will matter, as long as I regain the ability to move my toes soon... thats a problem.

Anyway Ill be training this year with the F.A.S.T long track team, we start up again May 2nd. I got my bike all tuned up and ready to go! Not looking forward to summer classes though... Im taking chem, which I thought would just be one class. But noooooo. I have to take a discussion which requires me to take a lecture and I have lab also, which has a lecture as well. BUT! before all this crap I have to take an online class to prep me for the chem. So I basically have no break in between spring and summer semesters. Awesomeee.

On a more fun note, Ive booked my skydiving spot, 4pm on my 21st birthday, may 5th!!!! Jerebelle, Andrea, and Katy are going with me so far. And yes, the reason im jumping out of a plane is because Mikey is driving me INSANE. Just kidding....were just bored out of our minds since theres no practice and theres nothing fun to do in Salt Lake if your under 21.

PS. Im getting a video and/or pictures of my free fall, so you all can see what you missed!!!