Tuesday, May 22, 2007


There were some MAD fast girls there!! (at countys I mean..LOL) In the open 400 I think 1st place got 57.xx. But I broke a minute!! Our 4x4 relay had the best time of the season with somewhere arround a 4:12. I got some crazy sunburn though. When I went to prom it was so bad you could see the outline of my race top. Besides the fire of a thousand suns burning my back and people making fun of the outline, it was fun! I went with my friends, Karen, Mike, Meghan, David, Clarissa, Alex and Brooke. We went out to dinner at PF Changs which is pretty much the most awesomest place ever, the Ahi Tuna sashimi is amazing. There was a good DJ, good cookies, and I learned how to do the "Pop Lock & Drop It" dance! :P I only stayed at the afterparty for 10 minutes because my skin was melting off.

RAWR! The 400m of doooom!

My sk8r buddies came to watch!!!

Mike, Clarissa, me, Karen, Meghan.

Im in PAIN.

Brooke @ PF Changs

Clarissa and me doing the E-dance.

Meet Times:

4x4: 4:12?
400m: 59.96!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Power of A Woman

Many RSST members and friends ran/walked/volunteered at the Pink Ribbon 5k/walk this past Sunday to support thoes with breast cancer. The team was there cheering on Clare Russell, who is fighting breast cancer and will be starting chemo next week. This was the first time I met her, she is a very nice, very upbeat woman. I know if she keeps her spirit and enthusiasm she will get through the treatment no problem! She has 70+ teammates behind her! The D&C did an artical on her, and the RSST got bombarded by the paparazzi. Maria made us all pink ribbons with our name on them which we tied onto Clares arms at the end, eventually they will be made into a quilt square, cool!

Heres the story:

Saturday, May 12, 2007

HFL Invite

It was a crazy good meet. And crazy LONG. We were there at 430 and didnt get back till 11:30. It was really cool, HFL has a scoreboard with a clock so when your racing you can see the time. During my 400 in the last 100m I was watching the time, 57..58..59..60!!! Yup, this years PB, 60sec flat. I came in 2nd. Ansis was there with E.Roc and was exploding bottles near people which was exciting. Him, kierstin and me played frisbee after and then Kyle came up to me all excited and was like OMG join the frisbee team!! So starting this summer kierstin and me will be on the Mendon Frisbee Team, LOL.

When we were all on the bus someone had a big bag of oranges, and the boys were throwing the peels out the window (a piece hit some Sutherland kid lol) and coach DeJoy come in and SCREAMS like ive never heard him scream before!! He was SO pissed, he ordered everyone (directed at the boys) off the bus to pick up the peels or we didnt go home. But people were so scared that everyone got off and he turned arround and screamed at all the girls to get back on the bus so we sat there and listened to coach scream at them for a good 10 min at the top of his lungs. Then they got back on and the bus was silent for a while except for the radio..then I sang along with "She's So High Above Me" XD

Meet Times:

400m: 60 sec!!!
4x4 relay: 4:20
4x4 relay (my split): about 62

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Big Blue

Ok ok..so thats not its name..YET. I need to ride it for at least 100 miles before I name it. Thats the rule. I got some crazy new cycle shoes today and took Big Blue out for a spin. Apparently I need practice on stopping because I didnt get my right foot out in time. ALRIGHT! My first road rash!! It definatly wasnt as bad as most cases ive heard about, since I was able to get back up and ride again, but it wasnt too happy either. I wasnt moving fast but as I stood up I wondered where the top layer of skin on my knee went...Anyway, now I cant wait to get out and ride with the RSST group on wednesdays : )

PS If anyone has any good ideas for a bike name im open!

Us VS Sutherland/Twilight Invite @ HFL

Ahh, the legendary Mendon VS Sutherland match. They didnt look intimidating but they crushed us in the field events...we lost by only 4 points!! I think its because we didnt have anyone in pole vault. I won the high jump for us though! (and the 400m hurdles) and our 4x4 relay won as well. I look foward to the invite every year, it is SOO much fun running in the dark! There are lights pointing on the track but when your running. The only thing you can see is the track, nothing else. Like a horse with blinders on :P Its really cool when you run past the crowd because you can only hear them. The energy channels to the track. I only did relays in this meet, the 4x4 and 4x8. We won the 4x4, the coach finally put together the REAL relay team, consisting of Melissa, Shaylin, Lisa, and me. When the coach puts us together we mean business >: ) In the 4x8 I got nervous because we were going againsd Liz Deir and her relay team (she is like FLASH GORDON on spikes) but we did well, only about a half a lap behind in 2nd place. I ran a PB by 3 seconds!!

My Meet Times:

(Suth vs Mend)
High Jump: 4'6"
400m hurdles: 70.x
4x4 split: 61.x

4x4 split: 61.8
4x8 split: 2:28