Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Where would I be without it? Wether it be the last sprint of a 10k or the last lap of a 1000m its what keeps me going. Next weekend during the Jungle Jog 5k Cathy and me have decided to make a "Jungle Jog Challenge". We will have a few groups of similar-speed runners work together to try to get under a certain time. It started when I said I could kick Ryans butt and people started taking bets :P. The goal for my group of 3 or 4 will be to break 20 minutes. Leslie said if I manage to break 19 minutes this summer he will give me a jar of Recoverite, and I cant resist free food/supliments, so this might be my new goal for this year! Of course, the ULTIMATE goal for this year is to make all this running go towards me finally beating Bizz Burns in the 3000m at North Americans!! (Yes, she totally killed me last year...my 5:57 to her 5:45!)

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leslie said...

hey, don't forget, there's $10 off for a time under 20 minutes. Which I have the greatest confidence you will achieve. you also have the "speedy track effect" thing going on. my money is on you surging past ryan (just pace yourself - he may be fading at the end)