Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving at Andreas house

Every speedskater and their brother was at gabi and jordans house for thanksgiving so 9 of us had an alternative party at Andreas house. It was Andrea, her brother, her dog Meritage, Fergie, Ansis, Mikey, Britt, Rob, and me. It was super fun, the first time for all of us cooking on our own, which is what we toasted to. The food turned out amazing. I made stuffing from scratch in the crockpot which turned out to be the best ive ever had. From the time we got out of practice at 12 to 6 when we ate, Britt and me were cooking the stuffing, sweet potato fries, salad, mashed potatoes, grilled veggies, you name it we cooked it...Fergie cooked up a nice juicy turkey and he and Andrea made 3 different pies. Here are some pics...

Andrea was taking pics and got this one just as I attempted to break my diet and missed my mouth completely...guess ill have to learn how to eat junk food again...

Fergies first time eating unsweetened chocolate...I warned him...

making stuffing

sweet potato fries

mmm our first turkey

Ansis walked in front of the camera mid burp as this was being taken , HAHAHA



Andrea, Ansis, Fergie, Britt, me, Mikey, Rob

Fergie the cleaning lady

Mikey, Ansis, and Meritage in a turkey coma on the floor...LOL

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Overdue chocolate review

I havent posted any food reviews lately, and I just got this mini Chocolove bar, 55% cocoa with cherries and almonds. It was amazing. Eat this chocolate. It was shiny with little hearts on each individual square, perfect texture, melts in your mouth, mini size, 99 cents and easy to eat when your not hungry. Good stuff.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween part 2/Am cup 2

Neither one was very good, for Halloween I went to see couples retreat with Gabi and Jun then we got some candy and watched the world series. I hate baseball but it was fun to route for the Yankees while Jun was completely for the Philies and was about to kill me, HAHA.

As for am cup 2, just finished racing this afternoon. It was possibly the worst meet ive raced ever. I lost almost every race, Jun was suspended from this meet for supposedly organising a team skate in the last am cup which he didnt do, so he couldnt be inside the building although he did come he just sat outside and sharpened blades, and also some other stressful things went down. Its times like this that make me absolutely hate skating. Never thought id say that, I used to love it. Now, not so much. I loved it when there was no stress and it was all fun. I improved so much more back when I was having fun. There were no problems focusing on what I needed to work on because I didnt have to worry about teammate issues, friend issues, or school issues.There was no pressure because everyone was so encouraging and laid back it was hard to ever feel bad about a race or practice. Now im the head case I never thought id be and skating is just a horribly frustrating mess. Hope it gets better.