Sunday, July 8, 2007

"Where You Come To Party and A Race Breaks Out!"

There we have it, RSST ran the Boilermaker, the biggest 15k in th USA! There were about 9 of us and most of us carpooled which is ALWAYS fun. Even at 4:30 in the morning. First of all, when we got there going to the bathroom was difficult. There were about 40 porta potties, but out of 10,882 runners, about 8,000 and their mothers were waiting in line to use them. Normally this is where I go in the woods...but that was too crowded too. The start was crazy! It took us about 5 minutes to reach the start line after they blew the horn!
There were people running in costumes and people on the side giving us popsicles and hosing us down. There must have been about 30 water stops! There were live bands and radio stations on every block too.
As I was kicking it in the last mile, it got louder and more crowded on the sidelines and it was impossible to hear anythig but undecipherable cheering and screaming, but I heard Cathy loud and clear screaming my name! That made me feel better as I was in run-or-die mode, you know, where you forget your name, what your doing, and just want to rip your legs off because they hurt so bad. Cmon, we all know ripping your legs off will make you feel better, off of body off of mind, right?

Official Race Times:

5K - 1459 runners
Cathy M 29:05

15K - 10882 runners
John B 1:01:56
Liz L 1:10:20
Tim B 1:13:09
Michael S 1:16:01
Tim D 1:17:24
Jerry R 1:18:54
Karen V 1:33:09
Brian K 1:34:11

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