Sunday, May 30, 2010

That wasnt so bad...

Ok, I survived the hard week. It was actually easier than I thought itd be. Either I overestimated it or I just became used to the pain, lol. We go on bike rides almost every saturday, and yesterday we rode Big Cottonwood Canyon. Its about 14 miles to the top, 4584 feet of vertical gain. As soon as I woke up and saw the evil black clouds of doom hovering over the mountains I knew it wasnt gonna be a good ride, haha. It was freezing outside. About a quarter of the way up it started raining on us, then soon after it sleeted then slowed. Im proud of myself though, I finished with the guys in about 1 hour and 25-30 minutes. Apparently Jae Su said whoever doesnt keep up will get attacked by wolves and bears, which is kinda funny....because Gabi, who was towards the back almost got attacked by a moose on the way up HAHA! Anyways, it was too cold and we were too tired to ride down so we piled our bikes into Eddys truck and rode down in Jae's van with the heat blasted. There were a couple insane ones who decided to ride down, it was the first time on this ride for one of them so he obviously didnt know any better, haha.

I just hope next week we dont do Little Cottonwood, dont let the name or distance deceive you. Its only 8 miles to the top but the elevation is 3472 feet, a 9.2% grade... ever heard of the Alp D' Huez climb in the Tour de France? I read that Little Cottonwood is pretty much the same as that but without the switchbacks...Snowbird and Alta ski resorts are at the top, about a mile apart. I remember last year, getting to Snowbird and almost passing out I was so dead. After a short break though, I did make it to Alta (which is at the top).

Bring on the easy week.

PS: My moms going to VT to visit my grandma, aunt and uncle. Kinda jealous, I havent seen them in a while and I love Burlington (especially Dobra Tea which has the best tea ever). But I think Ill be going home for a week in July sometime and to the ADKs, so I might get to visit then!

PPS: We might get our new coach this week, Im excited but not, because if the coach comes that means we have to stop training with the national team! Oh well, if its who I think it will be, well have an awesome coach.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New place, new pics!

Me Gabi and Jun are all moved into our new townhouse! Its only 5 min from the oval and its really nice. Ill take some pics later and post them. Right now we have no furniture in the livingroom except a small Ikea coffee table and a tiny chair Gabi had, it looks kinda funny cuz the room is so big, haha. I want to fill it with cool retro stuff from garage sales and thrift shops, give it a coffee shop feel. Then I need to get a coffee maker to give it the coffee shop smell too :)

We just finished a medium training week, which is the hardest Ive ever experienced. Next week is a hard week...if there are no more posts after this one, assume the worst, lol.

A few weeks ago I went hiking in north salt lake with Nick, 4 hrs, i forget how many vert feet, but there were nice views of the city and the snow covered Uintas to the east.

About a week after that, Gabi, Mikey, Britt, Andrea and me went to a Bees game. They won and we took our tickets to Sonic to get FREE SLUSHIES! Yessss.

This is the Aerobar Andrea got me for my birthday, they sell these in Utah now!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Soooo its been kinda crazy lately. Ill list off the new unusual occurrences:

- I got a job at bath and body with Gabi
- Jun came back from korea
- Gabi me and Jun are in the process of looking for an apartment
- Jun is now the assistant national team coach
- We are still waiting to see who our new coach will be but we have a couple hunches...
- Since we dont have a coach yet we get to train with the national team!
- Since half our team (mainly the girls) are now on the national team along with our coach, training doesnt seem any different, lol
- Speaking of training we started up again a few days ago. We are in pain. We cant walk normally on stairs anymore. :P
- I went to Ikea a few weeks ago and got some really cool cacti.
- I like cherry cupcakes
- Were going for a bike ride saturday and im super pumped.
- Im making a mix 90's music CD as we speak.
- I just went to get my hair trimmed and she gave me this really cool braid:

- Jun has not once since hes been back "said" I was fat. But Im pretty sure thats what pinching my arm fat and making a sound of disgust means. But he hasnt SAID it!! lol.
- Today was our first day on the ice and Jae-su is very helpful and didnt make us feel bad about our skating at all. Jun on the other hand was amused and laughed at our pathetic failure the whole time. Hahaha!
- The Sharks are in the playoffs so that means whenever a game is on dont try to call me, I wont be able to hear you over the screaming and chaos Gabi will be creating.
- My parents sent me the old school nintendo!!!! I now feel complete. :D