Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It took me 4 days to get here but it was worth it. Theyve got ice here EVERY DAY! Im still getting acclimated so I won't do the 2nd workouts till next week. But im not complaining, who wants to go ride for 2 hours in 100 degree heat? Plus Im getting a good workout from all the relays we do! We didnt do any in Rochester, here its warmup relay, drill, relay, drill, relay! Hopefully as I do more of them it wont be so embarassing.
I met Andrew Love, who told me about this interesting phase of acclimation called the "F*** you" stage, which I think he said happens after the 3rd day or so. HAHA! So im trying not to push it too hard so I don't feel like crap in a couple days. Im already so wiped I need 2 naps a day. The people im staying with have a hot tub and sauna to ease my pains, lol.

So I keep getting lost too. I print off google maps of everything, I mostly needed it to get to the oval. The street names on the directions are different from the ACTUAL street I got lost yesterday on the way back and this morning on the way to practice. I also got lost on the way to the USANA Ampitheatre (where JACK JOHNSON!! is playing in Aug). It doesnt help that every time I look up directions it tells me something different.

(backtracking...) On the way here we stopped in Iowa to see the actual Field of Dreams (which is an awesome movie if you havent seen it) I even got to run through the corn field!! We stopped at a couple forts too. And Chimney Rock in Nebraska which I biked by as part of my "triathlon", bike 5 miles, run on the tredmill for 20 minutes, and swim in the hot tub! I also saw an antelope (deer on steroids??) and tumbleweeds for the first time!!

I only have 3 pictures now, but ill have the rest up in a day or two.

Johnny's Cafe is the place in Omaha we got steaks at, since Omaha is supposed to be famous for steak. (I thought it tasted just like wegmans, :P)

This was our view for about 1000 miles.

Chimney Rock

My bike was tired after that 5 mile ride!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Life Update

I don't remember what I wrote on the last update and im too lazy to look, so heres what's going on wether ive said it or not. With the help of Don, our USANA rep, I found some nice people to crash with for a month until school starts. Theres a rumor going around (meaning my dad told me...I don't know if its true) that these people have a sauna and hot tub! Man, Utah really was meant for athletes :).

Anyway, Im packin' the bikes, skates, and my amazing Staybent sharpening frame and im outta here next thursday. (Im DRIVING btw, 3-4 day trip) hehe.

By the way, when I was in Utah last week I met up with my roommate, Shannon, who is awesome. Her mom is awesome too, she has a moose antler. So since ive decided that the dorms SUCK because they have NO KITCHEN and were not allowed to have hot plates or toaster ovens, Shannon and I have come to the conclusion that we need to bring a hot plate and a toaster oven, and quite possibly an easy bake oven, you know, just to push it over the edge. Were still working on a place to hide these items. Hey I gata do something, Ill be up and ready to skate at what, 5? The cafeteria doesn't open till 6 or 7! I just might starve to death.

Im WAAAY excited to start skating again and to train with the Salt Lake people! I hope I can have friends too, that would be nice. I have no friends in Utah now, as in my current status is friendless. So I might need a couple. (sorry I left out my roomie she counts as one, lol)

This will probably be the last blog I write from Rochester, bye everyone!!!!! (but not really since ill blog in SLC too...haha)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Outdoor Orientation

It.. was.. awesome!! I went rock climbing for the first time in Little Cottonwood Canyon where I proceeded to break my phone again and hurt my knee. Worth it? Definitely! Unfortunately all the pictures I took were on the phone so I might not have them. The 3rd day we hiked up Snowbird to 11,000 feet! THERE WAS STILL SNOW ON THE TRAILS!!!! It was crazy. I signed up for classes, I got math, writing, a class called The Olympic Games, and one called Rock Climbing! In the spring I'm taking Ice Climbing! Jealous? I know. Seriously, where else in the WORLD can you take classes like that? :) I cant believe I get to live in a place like this. Wow.

PS: A few seconds ago a new phone came out of the sky. Same number! They recovered my pictures too!! Unfortunately there are none from the hike, that was after I realized cell phones can't climb rocks.