Saturday, June 16, 2012

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Heres how my morning went. Im supposed to meet up with the team to ride up Big Cottonwood for an hour. This is my first time climbing it in about 2 years and i'm super sore from dryland and weights yesterday. Can't find the team. Decide to climb it by myself. Feeling intimidated but also like a badass, I start the climb. 
2 min in- I wonder why I woke up, why I decided to do this myself and why I didn't turn around already. 
30 min- cant breath, stop to ponder life, after 5 min of dealing with inner turmoil I continue. 
1 hour- I stop again at about halfway up. try to convince myself I done good for my first solo canyon climb and feeling defeated, I turn back only to pass my teammates on the way down. *sigh*. 
Im gonna make cinnamon buns now...
This is a typical practice for me.

What would this post be without a picture of one of my cakes? This was for Mikeys 21'st birthday on wednesday :) Its chocolate cake with raspberry filling. 


Wednesday, June 6, 2012


On my last camping trip I met a bunch of really cool people. Most of them were international students so they were only here for a short time but they are good friends of mine now. Ami went back to Japan last week, my German buddies have left, and on saturday Audrey who the coolest (and only) actual French person i've even known is leaving too :( I'll miss all the wednesdays we all spent at O'shucks. Hopefully our plan to eventually all met up again in Japan will work out. My pen pal Niamh in Ireland is moving to Japan to teach english so I now have a nice group of people to visit with there! Luckily not everyone left, a few of them are staying at least until graduation. :)

Good Times!


I don't think i've posted about Boston yet. I went to help Karen with her Culture X performance at Brandeis. It was the most amazing show ever!!

On stage after the show.

Here is my 2nd birthday cake, red velvet cheesecake from cheesecake factory! Thanks TK for both of the cakes! And I thought I wouldn't get cake on my birthday. haha.

Its Mikeys birthday again next week and that means another cake! Yaaaay! I cannot yet reveal the details of this cake however. Top secret.
I also want to add that I made the coolest cake for Mrs Thornocks Birthday! It was a white cake with whipped cream frosting and fresh fruit.

Summery of the rest of my life: Im moved into my new place with Jun and Taylor and training is hard. Im back up to my 3000 cal/day diet and it involves a lot of brownies.

PS sorry for the awkward gaps in between paragraphs...blogger changed and I can't figure out how to make it look normal...