Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hockey Walls and Scary Falls

Ive come up with an equation...it goes like this... THE WALL + MY NECK= DISASTER. The first couple times ive fallen this year ive hurt my neck. Why? I dont know. It never happened last year, and I cant figure it out. It does scare me though. Every time Ive fallen so far (this is the in between part before hitting and after falling) ive thought "CRAP ILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SKATE AGAIN! ILL NEVER MAKE IT TO THE OLYMPICS!" I usually have tons of fun during practice, even when I fall!! And when we did our circle drills today the only thing I could think of was "please dont let my blades give out". They did if your wondering. And what did I do then? I curled up in a little ball, covered my head and waited to crash. Then I sat there longer than I should have wondering what the hell just happened.

I wish I had that talent Ansis has, if he loses his footing or boots-out, he somehow digs his blades back into the ice and saves himself!

Then on the way home, I got to thinking. And I says to myself, I says, "Self, when I think about falling and killing myself, Im NOT thinking about technique or speed therfore NOT thinking about speed skating therfore NOT thinking about my ULTIMATE GOAL IN LIFE which is to SKATE IN THE OLYMPICS. If I lose sight of that goal it will never happen.

So now heres where I make a new conclusion to this equation. THE WALL + MY NECK= I FALL, I FORGET ABOUT IT, I GO FASTER!!!!
I WILL kick ass in the American Cup I this weekend and I WILL skate faster than ever before and I WILL, repeat..I WILL earn the right to call myself an Olympian!!!


Saturday, September 22, 2007


It's even in our veggies!!!

Absolutely hilarious.

VS Hilton

We lost by 1 point. It was my fault, in the last 20 meters the hilton girl was not even 4 feet ahead of me, but I just couldnt pass her. I probably could have but then i'd throw up. I hate XC. >: (

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Chittenango Invitational

I would rather have gone to speed skating practice this morning, but I guess its just as well. I heard that the geniuses at the Genesee Valley rink schedules an HOCKY TOURNAMENT over OUR PRACTICE. I suspect they will be making this up to us, since we all paid for this ice time they threw away....I feel bad for Marcia and Eleanor who drove all the way from somewhere out past Syracuse and Craig who comes from Buffalo!

Anyway about the meet...this one team, FM (in the green spankies) who are ranked number one in the nation were there. So getting second for us would have been like winning. Which we did. BUT! They got DQ'd for doing an extra strideout at the beginning!!!! Can you believe that!? We took their trophy home today. As well as the winners T-shirts. Their disqualification bumped me from 21st to 14th overall with a time of 20:10. The course was just under a 5k.

I was doing a cool down with the boys team when we got lost and started a bushwhack. Half way through this adventure my friend and I found out the hard way they like to hide barbed wire in the woods! Luckily we are both up to date on our tetanus shots.

Our winners bling!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Center Park Meet

Mendon ran in a meet yesterday with batavia, fairport and schroeder, all of which we crushed into little tiny peices. It was a slow course so I didnt get sub 20, my time was 21:16 which puts me 3rd on the team and 4th overall in the race. They dicided to put some obsticles in the race so they threw in 3 big untrained dogs, whos owner thought it would be fun to let loose right in front of the front pack (me, 2 mendon, 2 fairport). As a result of this, 2 of our runners lost their shoes, one finished with one shoe and the other with none!

Heres what the dogs looked like:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Can-Am Ride

On Saturday Ryan and me stayed at Craigs house for this awesome race the next day. (Ryan said I was sleepwalking/talking but I dont know about that :P) We started in Buffalo, crossed the Peace Bridge, went through the Canadian falls and back into the US (which was a PAIN). It was POURING rain the whole time. It made the falls look amazing, the mist was comming up and covering the whole city! The three of us had our own little group for most of the ride, not too many people showed up. We got lost 2 times so the ride ended up being 70 miles instead of 62. :) To fit my bike in the car we had to put the seat down, so before the ride Ryan put it back up for me but I noticed it felt kinda low, but he said it was fine. CRAIG KNEW it was too low and decided NOT to tell me! Sneaky sneaky. He said "I did not tell you on the ride because you would have pulled away from me and I would have had to stop and go fishing." Thats the spirit!! :P There was LOTS of free food, Craig and me both won raffle prizes and then proceeded to drink grape juice out of wine glasses and act drunk. Good times.

PS: Craig makes great chili sauce.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Why Labor Day Makes Me Angry

I hate labor day. I hate it for a couple reasons. First, its not during the school year so I can’t enjoy a day off. Second, all the coffee shops close at 2. (Except Spot). I was planning on finishing all the AP environmental work I’ve been putting off all summer today, partly because I have the nothing else to do, and partly because it’s all at least a month late. :P

So im sitting in Brueggers now which closes in 10 minutes sipping what has to be the worst 3 dollar cappuccino ever, typing this (in word) in frustration due to the fact that the internet here isn’t free so I cant even get 10 minutes of work done.

I hope to god that I have free time tomorrow to do this because Wednesday I have to drag my butt to school with all this work that’s due.

--2 hours later--

I finally decided to go to Spot, which is pretty much the coolest looking cafe in the city. I got my Cafe, my Mocha, and my MacBook! Ive decided that unlike school and at home, I can actually get work done at a coffee shop.
Im not really a coffee drinker, actually it gives me a stomach ache, but the smell and taste of it and the atmosphere of the cafe helps me focus. Today Ive tasted 2 different kinds of Macchiato and I have to say this is my favorite coffee drink so far. Although the Mocha at Spot was pretty good.