Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving in Ogden

Shannon and me went to her house in Ogden for turkey day. Her mom makes the BEST food! (Thanks for having me over mrs. Bee!) Before dinner her mom, sister, me, and 6 friends of theirs took a hike, which is DEFINITELY the thing to do on thanksgiving. It makes dinner that much more amazing. Anyway, we set off with a goal of seeing a moose. Ideally the moose would be standing right in the middle of the trail and would stay long enough for all of us to get good pictures with it. Needless to say this didn't happen, but we had fun anyway!

Shannon and me made turkeys out of apples and gumdrops

We went that way...

Who are the horses yielding to?!

Sibling rivalry

Saturday, November 29, 2008



For those of you who dont know how fast that is...its fast. At least for me, since ive NEVER gone under 10. We were doing 2 lap fliers (2 fast laps) when Mike called out a 9.9 for the first lap, i was thinking NO FREAKIN WAY! and kept going, then he called the 9.7. I pretty much had a spaz attack and asked him about 5 times if he was kidding. It felt like I won the olympics or something, it was crazy.

So after practice I was like...

Me: "Mike, Im gonna get Cat.1 at north americans, ok?"
Mike: "Yeah, that sounds like a very good idea, do that."

Im tellin ya, im gonna make it happen!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pics from Jr Champs (by Jerry Search!) (And a Team Pic by Terri!)

Im the one in the dark blue suit with grey stripes. In the front, naturally. :)

THE EPIC 500m HEAT: Lily VS Andrea VS me!

Andrea, Lily, some girl, me.

VICTORY. And a 48 second 500m!

A Finals from here on out.

MY TEAM!!!!!

Mike Kooreman (Coach), Anthony Barthell, Matt Lai, Nick Frank, Nick Ah Kun, Andrea Dehnke, Chris Creveling,
Adam, Robert Lawrence, Vicky Labourdette, Morgan Izykowski, Emily Scott, KD Todd, Gabi Roozee, Sebastian Cano, Matt Ferguson, Liz Looby, Derek Parra, Jon Valdivia, Fran Jackson

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ski Bum Weekend

So on saturday if you wore a utah U shirt to Brighton (ski resort) you got half off, so I couldn't resist. The next day I found another buy one get one lift ticket for Snowbird in my drawer...I don't know where they're coming from but Im likin it!! Garrett and me were skiing down a trail when he looked back and said hey that looks familiar... I looked down and THERE IT WAS. Another buy one get one lift ticket.....RIGHT in the MIDDLE of the RUN. I think the ski gods are really lookin out for me this season.

Looks like shes walking down my leg, haha!

11,000 feet of amazing powder...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Utah Rox My Sox

I went hiking yesterday with my bobsledding gator hunting friend from Louisiana out in the mountains behind the U. It was AMAZING! And VERY nice to get out of the smog that claimed the valley. As soon as we got above the smog line the air immediately smelled clean. Its scary that you can smell when its clean, but thats SLC for ya. I noticed that every 10 minutes or so Garrett would blow a whistle and I asked why. To scare away the mountain lions, obviously. Apparently in thee mountains behind the school there have been 5 deaths in 5 years related to mountain lions, but in all cases the hiker was alone or with a dog. I think we were pretty safe :)

Anyway, it was BEAUTIFUL up there!!! and the trail was only 1 minute from my dorm! We hiked 63 minutes up and 26 down. It was so steep and rocky we pretty much just slid down on our butts.

Jealous? I know.