Friday, August 31, 2007


(Future skinsuits no doubt)

Nuff said.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

blogger malfunction

I have 2 things to blog about but I cant untill blogger gets its act together and fixes the picture uploader issues. boo! theyre pretty exciting topics shiny silver spandex.


Its true! At leat at my house.They made a hive right outside my front door and my dad got stung 3 TIMES on the hand. After that they may have gotten rained on by some raid. :)

Just when we were feeling safe....
My mom walked out and got stung on the side!

This is the BEST mac & cheese EVERRRRR. It comes organic and whole wheat too!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Tea House!

Well I guess it's not that new, but I just found it today! This place is called Arya Tea on 15 S Main St. in Pittsford. It's kinda hidden, you have to go down some steps to get to it. It's CRAZY GOOD. I had some great Matcha tea and almond tea. They have this menu of tea thats about 5 pages long, it takes an hour just to decide! They've also got these delicious chocolates, I have no idea what they are but I had this big puffy misshappen thing that looked like it was covered in dark cocoa, it MELTED IN MY MOUTH!
Another thing that got my attention is this new line of chocolate they have, this brand has the strangest flavors Ive ever heard of, like bacon and wasabi!!

(Tea > coffee).

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pancake Party/Pancake Review #6

Chicken Curry Pancakes (Yes i'm serious)

2 eggs, separated
1.5c flour
2.5t baking powder
3 tbl sugar
3/4 t salt
1c skim milk
3tbl butter
1c chunks of cooked chicken
about 1tbl curry powder
about 1tbl chili powder
Black pepper

Beat egg whites, mix flour-salt, mix in the egg whites, milk,butter, chicken and spices.

Equipment Used:

pancake grittle, big plastic flipper, large mixing bowl, small mixing bowl, measuring cups, a whisk, and an electric mixer.


Extremely strange, yes. Extremely delicious? DEFINATLY. If you like curry, you will like these pancakes, trust me on this one.


DO NOT eat them with syrup!

These were also made during our Pancake Party. You may be asking, "How the hell did you guys come up with this?" as did the 3 other people who walked into the kitchen yesterday and a half dozen others who heard about it. Well, we were bumed about the kiwi pancakes being so bad, and as Meghan was searching her fridge we found a package of chicken. We had leftover batter and decided why not, lets just put in random stuff. Then I got thinking, this wont be good without some spices, and both of us like curry so in it went! We decided it needed to be spicy too, so added some chili powder and pepper. There is a similar food in indian cuisine, I forgot the name but its a bread with chicken in it. It's kind of like that, only in pancake form. This might be good with some diced onions. Definatly a lunch/dinner pancake.

Bottom Line:

Seriously, just TRY IT!! The 3 people who were in the kitchen thought it was the most discusting thing ever, then tried it and said " delicious!!"

Mad Pancake Scientist!

Mmm chicken

They were so good we had to make more!!


Pancakes are FUN!!

Pancake Party/Pancake Review #5

Kiwi Pancakes

2 eggs, separated
1.5c flour
2.5t baking powder
3 tbl sugar
3/4 t salt
1c skim milk
3tbl butter
3 mushed up kiwis

Beat egg whites, mix flour-salt, mix in the egg whites, milk,butter, and kiwis.

Equipment Used:

pancake grittle, big plastic flipper, large mixing bowl, small mixing bowl, measuring cups, a whisk, and an electric mixer.


Well...they're healthy.


They tasted absolutely horrible. The texture was bad, they smelled bad, and not even REAL MAPLE SYRUP made them taste better. So much for this idea!


My friend Meghan and I made these during our Pancake Party yesterday. It was fun mushing up the kiwis, but MAN did they taste bad. They were all tart and gooey.

Bottom Line:


Heres a picture anyway.

And here are some pictures we took of the Pancake Party!

She caught me trying to chug the maple syrup :P

Meghan made me do all the taste testing.

Makin some cakes.

Cant cook without Enviga!! (note- we did not put this in the pancakes :P)

Pancakes of the future unite!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

1000 Islands/No Pancakes

Sorry all you pancake review fans, I was going to make a new recipe today but we ran out of eggs. This recipe I have in mind will be interesting, it will involve kiwis, so stay tuned!

Anyway, this weekend I missed out on the only chance to go mountain climbing this year (courtesy of Leslie) and went to the 1000 islands (my parents insisted) and did nothing. It was cold, rainy, and when it wasnt rainy it was too sunny. See, I could deal with this if I had something to do (climb mountains) but I didnt. It looks nice in the picture, but got down to about 40. It was too cold to go swimming, jet skiing, water skiing, or any other water related activity. Except fishing, its never too cold for that. (Its never too cold for mountain climbing either). I caught about 12 Perch and a few Rock Bass, we kept 3 of the Perch and grilled m up for dinner. Ive never had Perch untill now, and I can say they are not only a mild white fish (I hate mild white fish) but they are dangerous to eat. They are filled with bones, every bite was crunchy and I was worried for my intestines! (Mountain climbing is safer). I felt horrible for killing them after I realized how bad they tasted.

Heres my dinner, poor little guys.

(And heres an unrelated picture (which I wrote on due to boredom) of Alina, Cherise, me and Noah when Cherise came to practice a couple weeks ago, we had some good ice cream after at Corkys!)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Liz "El Ojo del Tigre" Looby

Its my new speed skater name! Marty thought it up during low walks today. I guess hes been watching too much Rocky. He said I should watch Rocky III, its got the song in it.

Heres the clip:

Not to be confused with this song, which was the one I was thinking of at first :P

Monday, August 13, 2007

Run for Lupus 5k

I just thought it was necissary to create an entire post dedicated to saying how much im looking foward to this race next weekend and badly im gonna beat Ryan. Then I realized something and got really angry. IM OUT OF TOWN THAT WEEKEND!!!!! Dont think this is over Ryan! (And Leslie) I havent lost yet!!


Adirondack Fun

Actually, this was the most do-nothing-accept-lay-in-the-hammock-and-read-Harry Potter vacation ive ever had. Im not gonna say it sucked, but it was not as action packed as id hoped it would be. I didnt get to go mountain climbing, which is really depressing. I couldnt find anyone to climb with since Liam and Anne (brother, his fiancee) didnt have time to, my friend from XC couldnt come, my dad wouldnt let me go alone. This will be the first year I havent climbed since I learned to walk.

I did get to go to Lake Placid a few hundred times though! Thats where I did all my workouts. I did my 1-leg squats the Rocky way!! I used BOULDERS instead of weights. It was intense.
John Dimon told me about this awesome hill I could do low walks on. It took me about an hour to find it and when I got there I thought I was in the wrong place, theres a sign that says "No Trespassing" in front of the 1st entrance to the hill. Luckly, on the other side theres another entrance where you CAN trespass. :P

Did you know Dimon Sports has Hammer products now?? I must have bought a million Hammer Bars. Thoes things are GREAT.
Skater candy? Maybe. Best thing you ever tasted after a workout? Definatly.
My dad decided to get some speed skates while we were there, he may try to skate this year so encourage him to race!!!
Craig-watch out, he says hes coming for you!
I tried to bike with the Placid Planet people. It didnt work. I tried though! Thoes guys are like Jim! I kept up for the first lap of our 10 mile loop and then they look off. In trying to keep up with them, my feet got numb, my knees turned purple, I was hyperventilating, and after the ride I looked in the mirror and my eyes were completely bloodshot! Ive NEVER felt like that during a ride before, GREAT workout! Kudos to the Placid Planet riders, I wish I could ride like them. They didnt even break a sweat!

We also went to the race track, this year I think I broke even! My dad only bets on the grey horses and the long-shots, so nothing on his side either. My brother and Anne dont like to bet on horses because its too much pressure. They hate loosing ;-).

And about the Harry Potter thing....YES I really did start reading it. Still am. Probably will be for the next few years. Anne? She read it all yesterday afternoon. All 759 pages. FOR THE SECOND TIME.

Ready to see the worlds best sand castle?

And this one was just a warmup for that first one!

This is the castle after the sky decided it didnt like it and spat on it. :(

Me tubing...kinda....

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

From the coffee shop

Right now im in this awesome little internet cafe here in schroon lake, Higher Grounds Coffee Shop. They have all sorts of cool old stuff laying around and a bunch of markers so people can sign the walls!

The Montreal trip went smoothly, but its a VERY good thing we decided not to wear our Rochester Rhinos scarves or ALL. The skinheads (basically a gang) were there looking for the stampede (us). My brother said they usually carry weapons and would have stabbed us after the game, unlike the fanclub members who are just violent. We lost by 1 pont. Boo! After the game we ate lots of poutine, had crack pizza (its impossible to have only 1 slice), and some Aerobars. Ill put in some pictures when we get back.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Wow did I actually manage to get another bee sting?! Sure looks like it! today its all black, blue, red, and puffy.

On a happier note, I made carrot spice muffins today! They were everything I didnt expect them to be. THEY WERE AMAZING. And Jim-approved. Since they arent pancake I wont write a formal review on them, but here is the Lizified version of the recipe:

1.5 c whole wheat four
1t soda
1t baking powder
1 heaping ginormous t cinnamon
1 heaping t nutmeg
.5 grande t ginger powder
.5 rounded t allspice, plus some just cuz it smells real good
1 scoop whey protein
1/3 c honey
1 organic cage-free egg
.5 c skim milk
1/3 c applesauce
.5 t vanilla
1.5c grated carrots

Mix flour-protein, mix honey to carrots, them mix together just untill blended. Bake @ 375 for 13 minutes!!!

Jim gave me the idea of making them into pancake form, which sounds delicious!! I dont know when ill get around to making them since ill be on vacation for 2 weeks, but ill be sure to write a review. I went ahead and took the liberty of naming them after Jim since it was his idea, I call them "Jimcakes"!!

About this vacation, I leave tomorrow for my camp in the Adirondacks! Ill be sure to do a ton of biking, running, swimming, climbing, eatting, and whatnot. I just hope ill be able to find a group to bike with, its no fun doing it alone! I will have to do the skating workouts everyday on my own though, which will be fun since its the hard week and the pain train week... My brother and Anne (his fiancee) are taking me to Montreal on Sunday to see a rhinos game. While were there well get some bubbletea,poutine, and "crack pizza"! (its very addicting). The stampede wont be there, it will only be us 3 from Rochester cheering the team on! If youve heard the story about what happened to us last time we went to montreal for a rhinos game, youll understand that we are reasonably nervous. We are trying to keep it low-key this time since there are fewer of us to defend ourselves. This means no face paint, and we will be driving NOT walking... If you havent heard this story, last year when we went with the stampede, we were ambushed by some Montreal fans and they beat us up pretty good, the worst of it was the mace, got one guy right in the eyes. Then we had a problem because the police couldnt (or didnt want to) speak english. Well see how it goes!