Friday, April 13, 2012

San Rafael Reef

I went backpacking in (see title) last weekend for a "class". It was a class because I got 2 credits for going haha. It was super fun, I love camping in southern Utah, every time I go I get a better appreciation for the desert environment. There's nothing quite like sipping on sandy coffee while watching the sun rise over the canyons :) Thank my grandma for emailing me twice to remind me to make this post since I keep forgetting lol! Here are the pics. Also, the person who took these had a really nice camera and the glowing speedskater is a light exposure trick where we set the camera to take a picture for 30 seconds and someone traced me with their headlamp, turned out really cool!

I went out with some friends to this bar downtown that has an awesome sushi and beer special every wednesday. We will probably be going every wednesday. lol! We took a lot of pictures, but here are some of them.