Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Am cup 3

Wohoo! Greenbay. It was SO cold there. There were windchills of -30!!
I did really well. It was my first time skating in the A group and I ended up in 16th by ONE POINT, yaaaay! Go me. I also got PBs in all 3 events, in the 1500 by 3 seconds and the 1000 (1:39.161) by a second, finally breaking 1:40.
Our coach was giving us hand signals during the races which I didn't realize at first. I never look over to the coaches box during races. So I eventually found out and decided to pay attention in the next race, which had 2 others from my team in it which made it really hard to figure out who he was signaling to. That didn't work out too well so I just decided to make my own plans in the rest of the races, haha.
I guess I should take a Korean class so I can understand the coach, it must have taken 20 minutes for me to decipher what he was trying to say on the phone.

What I heard, rephrased, in a nutshell: "Come to my room with your skates so I can sharpen them. And Tell Andrea to come too."
What he REALLY said: " I want Star to come up to my room so I can fix her blades."

I guess I should have guessed he wanted to see Stars blades because when I picked up the phone he said something in Korean, Id say something in English then hed say something else in Korean. Star is the only one in our room who speaks Korean. Hmmm...

Brittany was so amazing!! Ive never seen her skate like she did. Shes only been skating for 4 months and shes kicking ass and taking over the B group already. She may not know it yet but shes moving to Salt Lake this summer and will be living with me and Ansis and Mikey (who will pick SLC over Pittsburgh, sorry Pittsburgh). Yay Rochester!

Sorry dont have any skating pics! Just an airport one...

Me, Andrea, and Matt chillin at the Minneapolis airport.

Salt Lake City Inversion Madness!! (Nothing to do with the meet)

There should be Ginormous 10,000 foot mountains around somewhere...

Im still coughing from it!!


Liam said...

I've been on that moving walkway in MSP. (I've been on every moving walkway in MSP...)

Liz said...

LOL I prolly have too. They're exciting :) I sing the Geico song every time I get on one.

Meghan said...

WOOO!!! go liz!!