Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Bucketlist

I made this back in September of '06 and have been adding ever since! Its more of a goal list and places I want to go. Ive organized them into categories, they're in no special order. I don't plan on doing these things alone so feel free to join me in an epic adventure!! It'll be fun.


Places I want to visit:

Places where I want to backpack/bike/ski/etc.

Alaska- Backpacking
Elizabeth Islands- Kayaking
Antarctica- Caving
Siberia- Backpacking
Anywhere in the Rockies- Backpacking
Grand Canyon- Backpacking
An ocean- Scuba diving
South America- Caving
Yellowstone Park- Backpacking
Salt Lake City- Speedskating (MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!)
Colorado Springs- Speedskating
Marquette- Speedskating
Calgary- Speedskating
Colorado- Skiing/Ice Climbing (Mission to be accomplished this spring)
Austria- Skiing
Switzerland- Skiing

Athletic Goals/Other Epic Things

Pan for Gold
Compete in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi
Attempt to climb all 7 summits of the World (Killimanjaro, Denali, Elbrus, Aconcagua, Carstensz Pyramid, Everest, Vinson)
Hike the Appalachian Trail (with my brother?)
Hang Gliding
Get my Black Belt
Bike camp across Europe
Bike across the US
Climb Mt Washington
Run a Marathon
Earn Category 1 (for speedskating)
Break 18 minutes for a 5k (running)
Climb an active volcano
Bungii Jumping
Skeleton Sliding
Go surfing
100 mile Bike Race
Get back into Alpine Ski Racing (after skating...)
Compete in a World Cup (Speedskating)
Become National Champion (Speedskating)
Compete in Arctic Circle Race in Greenland
Set a World Long Track record
Make the Jr World Team (too late now...)
Qualify for Sr Nationals
Qualify for Olympic Trials

Random stuff

Watch the Olympics live
Have my skates signed by my favorite skater
Get my Pilot license
Get a Husky
Road Trip across the US (MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!)
Meet Hyun-Soo Ahn
Find the recipe for Kyoto Kinen (Tea drink in burlington, VT)
Look for Pearls
Stay in the Icehotel
Spend christmas in Austria
Spend New Years in a foreign place
Experience weightlessness
Sleep under the stars
Partake in a Japanese tea ceremony
See a Broadway Musical in NYC
Go to an Opera
Eat the most expensive dark chocolate in the world

And still adding...


Lake Placid Skater said...

Nice Goals Liz!! I especially like the one about finding the recipe for a Kyoto Kinen from Dobra--I love that place!! Also like the goal about the dark chocolate :)

How are you doing?

Take Care!

(the figure skater/speedskater from Lake Placid)

Deb said...

Utah offers one of only a handful of all women century bike rides. It is scheduled this year for June 6, so if you are going to be around then, you might consider it. It is not a race but it is a lot of fun. I just registered for it this morning :-)