Sunday, January 18, 2009

Photo of the day

It's Leslie and Jim on New Years!!

Nice antlers.


Amy said...

OMG-This is so oddly distubing in a number of ways I am ROFLMAO. If you don't know both of them then it's not "that" funny I suppose. First, what is with the plastic sheet in the background? Second, where are they indoors that they appear to be sitting on lawn furniture? Third, why are they both dressed in beige like aliens from another planet?? Fourth, why are their expressions on New Years like aliens from another planet that have no idea what New Year's is? Fun and excitement is visibly exuding from both of them, right? I can only imagine the sequence of events that led to this photo, and I'm sure it all makes sense, but dang, it LOOKS weird!

Liz said...

Haha! We were at dace and robs house, their basement was unfinished. That explains the plastic and lawn chairs. I found some antlers in a box and decided they should be on their heads. About the matching shirts.....couldnt tell you, I guess they coordinated :P They were resting from an intense game of doubles ping pong! haha