Sunday, January 11, 2009

Im not dead

But I might be soon. Ive been busy waking up at 430 to get to the rink at 6 for practice now that our new coach Jun is here. Now were doing dryland before ice and again after. 4 hours total. If we don't get low enough in the corners he whacks us on the head with a skate guard! Then at 3 we've got dryland again and to top it off, 2 or 3 days a week we will have 2 ice sessions a day. Including saturday. Ive never felt such intense physical pain in my LIFE. The workouts are so painful they make me want to cry. And I DONT cry. Were doing pretty much the same workouts as the national team, and it made me feel better when I heard some of the Natl team guys cry during the workouts. I was so sore the other day it took me like 5 minutes to sit down on the toilet. OW. It was funny looking at everyones facebook statuses, "I CANT STAND UP!" "MY LEGS ARE FALLING OFF" "THE COACH IS OUT TO KILL US!" stuff like that. I figure at Am Cup 3 and Nationals were either gonna kick ass or skate 14 second laps trying, haha.

So im not sure if he knows much about long track but I asked him if I could keep doing it and he said NO. Im like WHATT??? Don't worry. Ill find a way. Theres no way I can quit long track. There are other skaters who do both, plus I just ordered a nice new LT suit!


ant said...

come on liz! whacks you on your head??? he makes you skate under it and wants you to stay low. not wait until you get to him and then duck under it. it's more of a tap. lets get that straight before people start with the nonsense, Koreans are beating them.

As for Am Cup 3, don't have high expectations. you're starting a new trying cycle. so, you're not gonna be peaking for this race. nationals you should be flyinig though.

and we've already talked about long track.

Liz said...

Cmon I was just kidding! I know he doesnt beat us. Hes awesome. I think im lower than ever before! So Dont be correcting me on my blog! I come here to complain cuz it makes me feel better! haha.