Sunday, January 11, 2009

Recipes anyone?

If anyone knows a good burrito recipe do share! I know they're easy to make but I want some ideas of what to put in them. Maybe besides chicken and beans. Im on a mission to NEVER eat school food again, and burritos are fun to make, freeze, and eat for the rest of the week.


Deb said...

I always go to for ideas. Do a search for burritos, then click on rating. It will sort them by the reviewers rating. It will also tell you how many reviews the recipe has. Click on one that sounds good. Make sure to read the reviews of the recipe, that's where you'll usually find out what changes people are making to improve the recipe.

Liz said...

sweet thx!

Andrew said...

I make frozen burritoes all the time!

this little combo sounds insane, but it's actually quite yummy & easy, plus people will look at you like you are a mad genius.

Make great chili, and a giant bowl of Mac & Cheese..

Mix both into your Burrito! Freeze.. eat when you need comfort food!