Saturday, September 6, 2008


So I'm kinda in a slump as far as training goes.... I want to be able to go faster but I just can't. Sometimes during practice well do 2 lap flyers and everyone goes out full speed but I'm always a half lap behind. It's really discouraging, I really don't understand why I cant at least keep up. I'm working so hard, getting in those extra crossover in the corner, trying to get that lean on the straightaways, but its just not happening.

It happens too when we do 9 lappers (or 1000m races) , everyone will go real slow until 4 laps to go then take off, but Ive come to realize I only have ONE speed and can't accelerate. My legs will completely die and shut off when I try to move them faster.

Its even more frustrating during relays when the skater I'm going out for is relying on me to match their speed coming out. The other day I basically got told by another skater that I'm too slow, dangerous, and annoying because I'm never in the right spot. Well you know what? I am slower. I'm the slowest skater on this team and I just started doing relays last month. But I'm trying VERY hard to skate with them, I never miss workouts. I always give 100%.

I asked Mike if I should be doing extra weight workouts, but he said more long track would be a better idea, to get some strength in a low position. So Ive added some more LT and more running to my schedule. Something amazing better happen soon, I don't know what else I can do.

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