Sunday, August 31, 2008


I found this site that rates and reviews fine chocolate, Chocopaedia . Its really cool! Ive been eating this one kind thats all over Salt Lake called Chocolove 70 and 77% thats pretty good. The reviews say its ok but I think they're kinda harsh sometimes. As I type Im eating a Dagoba eclipse with 87% cocoa. I read the reviews that say basically its ugly, splintery, and thin. And they were right! I hate its texture. But they also say it tastes like purple fruit, and we all know purple is a great flavor...haha!

They reviewed my favorite chocolate maker, Michel Cluizel and basically all their stuff rocks. I love their Grand Noir bar which is 85%. The one that got really good reviews and I have to try is the Noir Infini 99%. It almost got a perfect score! These chocolates have the best texture, appearance, and smell ive ever felt, seen, and tasted, definitely try them!

In case you couldn't tell I love dark chocolate as much as MAPLE SYRUP AND PANCAKES!

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Andrea =] said...

Hot damn I want some chocolate now!! Mmmn remember that souffle at California Pizza Kitchen? I don't even know how I could stay away from that place from so long it's almost as good as CiCi's! We should try that place Inacio was telling us about sometime...