Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Goal

Ive been watching the Norge team kick ass on the long track the past few weeks. These guys are crazy, they're all like 7 feet tall and all blonde! So I start thinking... im tall and blonde too... so that means I can also skate with them!
So I went to Mike the other day and tell him I can kick all their asses, they got nothing on me. Hes like totally. And you can definitely skate lower too. *note the sarcasm*

Today I decided to sign up for a time trial so I can get a qualifying time to skate in the A ice with the Norwegians. The qualifying time for the 1000m is 1:27, which means I will improve in this time trial by 8 seconds.

NO JOKE! Im TOTALLY serious. Im goin' for it.

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