Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bad Luck?

Im really getting screwed over by people lately. I went out to my car this morning on the way to practice to find my car painted on. This is the rear window:

"Learn to park"

Which I kind of understand, as my car was a bit crooked. I thought it was funny. Until I drove all the way to practice and noticed that they also wrote "Ass f*ck" on the side window.

SERIOUSLY? What the hell is wrong with people. Right after I get my wallet stolen? Give me a freaking break.

To add to that, I went to the store to grab some milk, cereal, and soy for my coffee. I had to write a check since I have no cards, turns out for out of staters like myself, they need to see an ID with the check....

Wana hear some good news? I got an Olympic Oval coffee mug for 4 bucks!


They're taking the hockey boards and ice markings off one of the ice sheets in the middle of the oval to make an actual short track rink!! Itll have spring loaded pads on the sides instead. It should be done before the World Cup in mid October!

Here it is now.

On the way back from practice I found myself behind this cool truck...

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