Monday, September 29, 2008

American Cup 1

I got 4th overall and made ALL the A finals!!!!! Ive NEVER made an A final before it was pretty sweet. Mike said it was the best hed ever seen me skate and Derek said I looked like a real speedskater!! Coming from them it means a lot. I took lots of pictures not related to skating, like the amusement park in Mall of America and some resulting from boredom in the hotel :)

Also...I left Nurf, my stuffed turtle there :( AND I got my wallet with my ID, money, cards, etc and boarding pass stolen!! I left it in the bathroom at the airport, a few seconds later went back in realizing they were gone and the lady that went in after me stole them!!!! I thought she deserved to be torn apart slowly by Komodo Dragons then crapped out and eaten by dung beetles....It turned out not as horribly incredibly extremely bad as I thought when I found my passport and the lady at the desk felt bad for me and gave me another boarding pass. :) It made me feel so bad when this nice old lady came up and offered me 20 dollars to get something to eat, she said shed gotten her wallet stolen once too and knew how I felt. I couldn't take her money, but what a nice lady!!!

Andrea was with me and bought me and ice cream and I felt better :P (I owe you)

Im doing a LT time trial this weekend to get a time for American Cup in 3 weeks, yaaaay!

My roommates make fun of my skater butt all the time and decided to let me know what they thought by putting a poster on my mirror.

Star on the swing

The plate of our rental car!

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Andrea said...

That bluish rollercoaster looks FRICKIN SWEET!! Why wasn't I there? Oh right WRONG CAR!! w/e y'all got some disease there that's spreading to all the skaters now. Thanks guys.