Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hockey Walls and Scary Falls

Ive come up with an equation...it goes like this... THE WALL + MY NECK= DISASTER. The first couple times ive fallen this year ive hurt my neck. Why? I dont know. It never happened last year, and I cant figure it out. It does scare me though. Every time Ive fallen so far (this is the in between part before hitting and after falling) ive thought "CRAP ILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SKATE AGAIN! ILL NEVER MAKE IT TO THE OLYMPICS!" I usually have tons of fun during practice, even when I fall!! And when we did our circle drills today the only thing I could think of was "please dont let my blades give out". They did if your wondering. And what did I do then? I curled up in a little ball, covered my head and waited to crash. Then I sat there longer than I should have wondering what the hell just happened.

I wish I had that talent Ansis has, if he loses his footing or boots-out, he somehow digs his blades back into the ice and saves himself!

Then on the way home, I got to thinking. And I says to myself, I says, "Self, when I think about falling and killing myself, Im NOT thinking about technique or speed therfore NOT thinking about speed skating therfore NOT thinking about my ULTIMATE GOAL IN LIFE which is to SKATE IN THE OLYMPICS. If I lose sight of that goal it will never happen.

So now heres where I make a new conclusion to this equation. THE WALL + MY NECK= I FALL, I FORGET ABOUT IT, I GO FASTER!!!!
I WILL kick ass in the American Cup I this weekend and I WILL skate faster than ever before and I WILL, repeat..I WILL earn the right to call myself an Olympian!!!



Marcia said...

Liz, a word of encouragement...when people start falling a lot it means they are reaching a new level of speed. You should be excited! Don't worry, your body will adjust to the new speed and the falling phase will pass...until you reach your next speed bump.

Liz said...

Yup, yup. I remember going through that last year, (but I wasnt ever afraid to fall!) I think its getting better though, today I felt a little more confident. I actually found that the lower I skate the more confidence I have. Maybe its a balance thing. Thanks for the word of encouragement!!