Monday, October 1, 2007

American Cup I

WOWWWW!!! AWESOME meet. I pretty much had a party after my 1000m final. I PB'd by 6 seconds with a 1:48.5!!!! In my 1500m superfinal, I took off a heaping 15 seconds with a 2:48.4!!!!
The 500m was frustrating, I got stuck behind some slow skaters who didnt feel like letting me by, but thats short track :P

Ansis got his awesome new USA skin!! He did crazy good in his 1000m heat. Its all in the skinsuit. Im tellin you, that race was INTENSE. Even to watch.

Ryan wiped out in one of his races and smashed into a water bucket! He TOTALED that bucket, I think Mikey got a picture. In another race, some guy took him out and he twisted his ankle and was out for the rest of the meet. It was funny, they guy was trying to tell him what to do with his sprain, but Ryans a NURSE, HAHA!! It looked like he was about ready to punch him out. I would too. He really didnt know what he was talking about. Not only did he tell him to take Tylenol instead of IB prophin, but he pressed ice on it without wrapping it first.

I love the car rides, they are the 2nd best part of the races! When we were about to leave for the meet, my mom locked us out of the house so we had to climb into the back window to get in. That was fun. Then we watched Bourne Supremacy in the car. On the way back we stopped at starbucks for pumpkin spice lattes and this rest stop where I got a cool finger sock!! I did NOT enjoy the ambushing and the tickling though, at one point I fell inbetween the seats and nearly kicked Ryans face in. I almost lost my coffee too.

Me, Mikey, Ryan, Ansis

Eleanors super-low start.

LOL, I thought the expression was funny.

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