Monday, September 3, 2007

Why Labor Day Makes Me Angry

I hate labor day. I hate it for a couple reasons. First, its not during the school year so I can’t enjoy a day off. Second, all the coffee shops close at 2. (Except Spot). I was planning on finishing all the AP environmental work I’ve been putting off all summer today, partly because I have the nothing else to do, and partly because it’s all at least a month late. :P

So im sitting in Brueggers now which closes in 10 minutes sipping what has to be the worst 3 dollar cappuccino ever, typing this (in word) in frustration due to the fact that the internet here isn’t free so I cant even get 10 minutes of work done.

I hope to god that I have free time tomorrow to do this because Wednesday I have to drag my butt to school with all this work that’s due.

--2 hours later--

I finally decided to go to Spot, which is pretty much the coolest looking cafe in the city. I got my Cafe, my Mocha, and my MacBook! Ive decided that unlike school and at home, I can actually get work done at a coffee shop.
Im not really a coffee drinker, actually it gives me a stomach ache, but the smell and taste of it and the atmosphere of the cafe helps me focus. Today Ive tasted 2 different kinds of Macchiato and I have to say this is my favorite coffee drink so far. Although the Mocha at Spot was pretty good.

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