Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Can-Am Ride

On Saturday Ryan and me stayed at Craigs house for this awesome race the next day. (Ryan said I was sleepwalking/talking but I dont know about that :P) We started in Buffalo, crossed the Peace Bridge, went through the Canadian falls and back into the US (which was a PAIN). It was POURING rain the whole time. It made the falls look amazing, the mist was comming up and covering the whole city! The three of us had our own little group for most of the ride, not too many people showed up. We got lost 2 times so the ride ended up being 70 miles instead of 62. :) To fit my bike in the car we had to put the seat down, so before the ride Ryan put it back up for me but I noticed it felt kinda low, but he said it was fine. CRAIG KNEW it was too low and decided NOT to tell me! Sneaky sneaky. He said "I did not tell you on the ride because you would have pulled away from me and I would have had to stop and go fishing." Thats the spirit!! :P There was LOTS of free food, Craig and me both won raffle prizes and then proceeded to drink grape juice out of wine glasses and act drunk. Good times.

PS: Craig makes great chili sauce.

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