Saturday, September 15, 2007

Chittenango Invitational

I would rather have gone to speed skating practice this morning, but I guess its just as well. I heard that the geniuses at the Genesee Valley rink schedules an HOCKY TOURNAMENT over OUR PRACTICE. I suspect they will be making this up to us, since we all paid for this ice time they threw away....I feel bad for Marcia and Eleanor who drove all the way from somewhere out past Syracuse and Craig who comes from Buffalo!

Anyway about the meet...this one team, FM (in the green spankies) who are ranked number one in the nation were there. So getting second for us would have been like winning. Which we did. BUT! They got DQ'd for doing an extra strideout at the beginning!!!! Can you believe that!? We took their trophy home today. As well as the winners T-shirts. Their disqualification bumped me from 21st to 14th overall with a time of 20:10. The course was just under a 5k.

I was doing a cool down with the boys team when we got lost and started a bushwhack. Half way through this adventure my friend and I found out the hard way they like to hide barbed wire in the woods! Luckily we are both up to date on our tetanus shots.

Our winners bling!

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