Friday, June 8, 2007

Who Killed The Electric Car?

The government. The oil companies. GM took a stab too. I was watching this movie in Environmental Awareness club today, it was actually quite depressing. The electric car emitts no harmfull gases and its easy to charge up. So why was it killed? The EV1 from GM was only available for lease for a short while untill GM decided there was no demand for them (thousands of people were on a waiting list...) and sent them all to be crushed and recycled.

This car was great for most americans...the average commute is about 30 miles, this thing could go about 70 miles per charge, and I heard something about hem fixing it to go about 110! The fact is that there WAS a high demand for them, GM and the oil companies realized this and felt threatened and so decided NOT to advertise them and took them off the roads so the oil and auto companies would not lose any money. I also heard about the oil companies buying patents to keep modern electric batteries from use in electric cars in the US.

The government was supporting the oil industries in the fight to kill the ZEV mandate (which required dealerships to have a certain percentage of sales be electric cars) and has promoted that sale of cars with crappy fuel efficiency THROUGH TAX BREAKS!! *cough* SUV *cough*

Ok, there haven been arguments about the SUV being safer...(BS) SURE the person DRIVING is safer, because THEY'RE NOT THE ONES WHO JUST GOT PLOWED OVER. Do you really want a pimped out, over priced, un-patriotic, un-economical, oversized peice of crap that is poisoning the very air we breath? Sure, electric cars are expensive, but there ARE cheaper alternatives.

As for me...Ill stick with my VW Supermini!! Wheeeee!!!

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