Thursday, June 14, 2007

2/3 of the way there!!

As usual, I went biking with my peeps on wednesday. This time though, I decided to stay and run with them after. MAN that feeling you get when you get off the bike and start running is like getting sucked into the ground!! We started off on the watertower hill (which is every XC runners nightmare) and ran for an hour on the trails. Which were hilly. Leslie said something like " yeah watertower is hard. The next hill is harder. The 3rd hill is pretty bad and the 4th is the worst. The next 7 are not AS bad..." HAHA. Funny. Im glad I did it though. I even got to pee in the woods!

Now I know what its like to do a duathlon! Or at least 2/3 of one.

You know that feeling you get before a workout, especially when you have awesome people to workout with? Your like "YEAH!! LETS DO IT!!!" You see this wall of a hill in front of you and you charge up it. I normally have a TON of this energy, but with these workouts lately, I run out of that energy at the end. It allways comes back, usually right before the workout the next day. :P The soreness lingers though....

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