Saturday, June 2, 2007


It went ok...kind of... :/ our 4x4 got DQ'd. One girl was wearing a top under her jersey and it had a little bit of writing on it but you could hardly see it, she asked the ref before her 4x1 (she does 4x1 and 4x4) and he said it ws ok. So she assumed it would be ok for the 4x4, they didnt say ANYTHING before she ran, and I KNOW they saw her wearing it. So I ran last leg, after her. They waited untill AFTER I ran to say something. As soon as I crossed the finish they told us. Can you believe that?! The 400m was ok, I got 4th or 5th place, the time wasnt good because of the wind, 61 or 62 something.

The 4x8 was CRAZY!! They had a 10 min break before we had to race, so me and another girl from the relay were just sitting there and relaxing. A few minutes later we hear someone yelling for us and we run down and everyone is allready on the line!!! We didnt even have our spikes on yet! We run to the line and the other 2 girls were there rushing us and one of them is like "liz! you have to run first!!" Im wondering why SHE cant do it since im obviously not ready. So as they call 1st runners to the line im there tieing my spikes. Then I realize we dont have a baton. I freak out, and one gets thrown to me from who knows where, and we start. As soon as I get off the start, my spike catches one girls heal, and I fall right into her. I was so embarrassed, when I tripped I tried to grab onto something instinctively, unfortunatly it was the girls butt and I almost pulled her shorts down with me!! HAHAHA! I did catch myself and ran my 800 split in 2:28, not bad for untied shoes, a trip and no warmup.

The 4x8

Me finishing the 4x4

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