Sunday, November 9, 2008


YES! I JUST WENT SKIING AT SNOWBIRD ALL DAY!!!!!! WOHOOOOOO!!! WHAT A RUSH! I found a coupon on the floor so I got to ski for nothing!! I just skied Americas most difficult mountain! I went with Garrett, a friend from outdoor orientation and his friend Allison. After we all got used to the FRESH POWDER we took the tram up to the top, about 11,000 feet and skied down a black diamond!!!! There HAD to be AT LEAST 2-3 feet of powder up there, it was so hard to navigate, there were hidden rocks under the powder that would take your skis out from under you, and cliffs we couldn't see because it was snowing so hard! Im pretty sure we weren't on a trail for half the way down, but that just made it that much more fun!!! Powder is so different from what im used to out east, if you don't keep your speed coming down it will eat your skis and you'll sink down into it. Garrett fell on the top and we had to dig about 6 inches to find his ski!! Despite the nasty sunburn this had to be THE BEST SKIING OF MY LIFE!!! wow. I think the skating helped me with skiing, im probably better now than I was when I raced, lol. To end the perfect day we went to the busiest Seven-Eleven in America to get hot cocoa. mmmm.

Picture time.

Snowbird from the dorms.

My skis!

On the slope


Riding the Tram up to 11,000ft!! We were SO scared...

Allison on the slope




Deb said...

I knew you would love the skiing in Utah! It will get better too as the season gets under way. Just wait until we have an inversion (think Rochester in December)in the valley. When you drive up to the mountains, it is 10 degrees warmer and sunny.

Andrea said...

Something tells me skiing on your day off right before a comp is a big no no. I guess we'll just have to see...

Liz said...

Maybe, but I definitely needed that!!