Monday, November 17, 2008

Junior Championships, Bay City, MI

This is my favorite picture with my favorite people so it can be top and center :)

Sooo....I missed top 16 by .005 seconds! Wow. But that turned out to be ok because I had some FREAKING AMAZING 500 and 1000m races. I got a pb in the first 500, going sub 50 sec for the first time in my LIFE (thanks to Lily and Andrea who I was racing), then beating that time by another second in the final. Same deal in the 1000. I made all A finals and got 2nd overall, which might mean if I do well at north americans and nationals I could earn Category 1!!! (for non skaters- it means I get a cool USA suit and free vitamins and clothes and stuff) Its a huge deal for me, ever since I started skating I wanted one of those suits and finally now its within grasp.

The relay- There were three teams. One with me, one with Lily, one with Andrea. We start, lilys teammate goes down and they get disqualified and kicked off the ice for failing to tag the fallen skater. We start again, in the last lap Andreas team cross-tracks my team and my team impedes on hers, my team crosses the finish line first and were BOTH disqualified. So NOBODY WON!! How cool is that? we made a new record, most DQs in one race!

I think the highlight of the meet was near the end in the 1500m ladies superfinal. Vicky Labourdette who skates with my Salt Lake team needed a 4th place finish overall in the meet to get the alternate position on the Jr world team. If she got less than 3rd in this race, she would be out. It was SO close but SHE GOT IT! She got off the ice and cried like i've never seen any skater cry before, she came over to us sobbing saying "I made it, im going!! Im going!!" and gave everyone hugs. It was the most touching moment i've ever witnessed in skating. Hopefully someday ill know how that feels.

PS: There is a place called Bad Axe, Michigan.

Picture tiiiime! These are just the off ice pictures, Ill have to wait to find some skating ones. Can't wait to see how cool I look now!

Matt Ferguson, mis padres


Mitches amazing pre race food


Me and Nurf

Nurf taking an important call.

Martys in the ZONE.

Lily and Andrea.

Fudge Island.

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