Monday, November 3, 2008

American Cup 2, Cleveland

Ok so im really hungry now so this is gonna be short!

It was fun seeing my parents and team ROC again, racing, I am B group Champion, won 3 of 4 races, missed group 1 time by half a sec, fell during warmup and sliced my face open, bled all over the ice and my suit but didnt realize it till some guy told me there was blood running down my face,

(Jessica Smith was really nice and took me to her trainer who scared the sh*t outta me by telling me basically, DAMN thats bad, I think you'll need a lot more than a band aid)...

Got whiplash and a gash on my butt I didn't realize was there till the end of the day, I skated the best I ever have in my life anyway, and skated PBs in the 500m and 1000m (50.4sec and 1:44.4).

I can't find skating pictures yet but ill post some when I can.

We ate dinner at Nick Franks house which was VERY good, but we had to go for a run first :/

Yay dinner time!

Me, Andrea, Star, before races

KD and Morgan painted Matt Fergusons nails while he slept....hehehe

Battle Scar!!

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