Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pics from Jr Champs (by Jerry Search!) (And a Team Pic by Terri!)

Im the one in the dark blue suit with grey stripes. In the front, naturally. :)

THE EPIC 500m HEAT: Lily VS Andrea VS me!

Andrea, Lily, some girl, me.

VICTORY. And a 48 second 500m!

A Finals from here on out.

MY TEAM!!!!!

Mike Kooreman (Coach), Anthony Barthell, Matt Lai, Nick Frank, Nick Ah Kun, Andrea Dehnke, Chris Creveling,
Adam, Robert Lawrence, Vicky Labourdette, Morgan Izykowski, Emily Scott, KD Todd, Gabi Roozee, Sebastian Cano, Matt Ferguson, Liz Looby, Derek Parra, Jon Valdivia, Fran Jackson

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Boudie said...

hey u didn't mention me. :(