Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This week will be "the easiest week we have untill after US Championships." because starting today we will have the Australian team sharing ice with us for a month. All 4 of them. Haha.
So today we did relays, relays, and..guess? More relays! Im not gonna lie I HATED relays before I got here, and I still dont like them but it's not as strong a hate. They're growing on me. They're a good workout. But I have ALOT of work to do. It makes it easier to work on relays when everyone is so nice! I was afraid they'd all hate me for missing all the passes but they're all very helpful and show me what to do.

You know how ProBars are around 5 bux apeice? I went to a local farmers market/grocery store and they were a mere 2.80!!
Jim- Will you send me your super secret probar recipe? I think I had one you made one time and it was really good or I heard about you making them and they sounded really good.

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SlowFatSpeedskater said...

Hey Liz;
Greetings from Saratoga. Your dad sent an email letting us know you had made it out to SLC and were training with the Aussie team. Have fun and train hard ( yeah.. perhaps you might study some too). Keep us posted on your exploits.
Masi family