Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It took me 4 days to get here but it was worth it. Theyve got ice here EVERY DAY! Im still getting acclimated so I won't do the 2nd workouts till next week. But im not complaining, who wants to go ride for 2 hours in 100 degree heat? Plus Im getting a good workout from all the relays we do! We didnt do any in Rochester, here its warmup relay, drill, relay, drill, relay! Hopefully as I do more of them it wont be so embarassing.
I met Andrew Love, who told me about this interesting phase of acclimation called the "F*** you" stage, which I think he said happens after the 3rd day or so. HAHA! So im trying not to push it too hard so I don't feel like crap in a couple days. Im already so wiped I need 2 naps a day. The people im staying with have a hot tub and sauna to ease my pains, lol.

So I keep getting lost too. I print off google maps of everything, I mostly needed it to get to the oval. The street names on the directions are different from the ACTUAL street I got lost yesterday on the way back and this morning on the way to practice. I also got lost on the way to the USANA Ampitheatre (where JACK JOHNSON!! is playing in Aug). It doesnt help that every time I look up directions it tells me something different.

(backtracking...) On the way here we stopped in Iowa to see the actual Field of Dreams (which is an awesome movie if you havent seen it) I even got to run through the corn field!! We stopped at a couple forts too. And Chimney Rock in Nebraska which I biked by as part of my "triathlon", bike 5 miles, run on the tredmill for 20 minutes, and swim in the hot tub! I also saw an antelope (deer on steroids??) and tumbleweeds for the first time!!

I only have 3 pictures now, but ill have the rest up in a day or two.

Johnny's Cafe is the place in Omaha we got steaks at, since Omaha is supposed to be famous for steak. (I thought it tasted just like wegmans, :P)

This was our view for about 1000 miles.

Chimney Rock

My bike was tired after that 5 mile ride!!

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