Friday, August 8, 2008


Yaaaay I made a cake for the opening cerimonies!! A MAPLE SYRUP CAKE!!! Why is this opening ceremonies so special to me you ask? Because it's the FIRST opening ceremonies Ive ever seen. Personally, I cant wait to see the mens gymnastics, mostly because so many have dropped out because of injuries, like the Hamm brothers. Thats sad. I think it was the older one that droped out 2 days ago because of an ankle injury, it killed me a little to read that this was the end of his career and last chance for the olympics. Thoes stories SUCK.

Anyway Ill try to update more since I know now that Marty made my blog his home page!! I feel special.

So I cant WAIT to move into my dorm, the family im with is really nice and have been really generous, but lets just say im glad I don't have younger siblings. I ordered this WIN sport detergant, I HIGHLY reccommend it, it smells nice and it getts the crap out of your skinsuits and workout clothes. The US Olympic team uses it too. :)

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