Friday, July 18, 2008

Life Update

I don't remember what I wrote on the last update and im too lazy to look, so heres what's going on wether ive said it or not. With the help of Don, our USANA rep, I found some nice people to crash with for a month until school starts. Theres a rumor going around (meaning my dad told me...I don't know if its true) that these people have a sauna and hot tub! Man, Utah really was meant for athletes :).

Anyway, Im packin' the bikes, skates, and my amazing Staybent sharpening frame and im outta here next thursday. (Im DRIVING btw, 3-4 day trip) hehe.

By the way, when I was in Utah last week I met up with my roommate, Shannon, who is awesome. Her mom is awesome too, she has a moose antler. So since ive decided that the dorms SUCK because they have NO KITCHEN and were not allowed to have hot plates or toaster ovens, Shannon and I have come to the conclusion that we need to bring a hot plate and a toaster oven, and quite possibly an easy bake oven, you know, just to push it over the edge. Were still working on a place to hide these items. Hey I gata do something, Ill be up and ready to skate at what, 5? The cafeteria doesn't open till 6 or 7! I just might starve to death.

Im WAAAY excited to start skating again and to train with the Salt Lake people! I hope I can have friends too, that would be nice. I have no friends in Utah now, as in my current status is friendless. So I might need a couple. (sorry I left out my roomie she counts as one, lol)

This will probably be the last blog I write from Rochester, bye everyone!!!!! (but not really since ill blog in SLC too...haha)

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