Saturday, July 12, 2008

Outdoor Orientation

It.. was.. awesome!! I went rock climbing for the first time in Little Cottonwood Canyon where I proceeded to break my phone again and hurt my knee. Worth it? Definitely! Unfortunately all the pictures I took were on the phone so I might not have them. The 3rd day we hiked up Snowbird to 11,000 feet! THERE WAS STILL SNOW ON THE TRAILS!!!! It was crazy. I signed up for classes, I got math, writing, a class called The Olympic Games, and one called Rock Climbing! In the spring I'm taking Ice Climbing! Jealous? I know. Seriously, where else in the WORLD can you take classes like that? :) I cant believe I get to live in a place like this. Wow.

PS: A few seconds ago a new phone came out of the sky. Same number! They recovered my pictures too!! Unfortunately there are none from the hike, that was after I realized cell phones can't climb rocks.



Michael Looby said...

Don't you mean 11,000 feet? 1100 isn't that impressive. Its like Lake George VILLAGE lol

Liz said...