Monday, February 4, 2008

Long Track Nationals

WOW! It was soooo much fun, my cold decided to come back after the 1500 but Zicam is a wonderful thing. Ive never skated pack-style before, its like short track on the long track. Thoes were some of the most vicious races ive ever skated! So much bumping and jostling in the corners, it was intense! Especially Jims 3000, ive never heard people scream so loud in the last 100 meters!!

I probably had the 1 or 2 best races of my LIFE. The 500 and the 3000. I lost first place to an actual Cat.1 skater in both by only hundredths of a second, if that, and got insane pbs. I was SO happy to finish THAT CLOSE to someone THAT GOOD, I never thought id be able to do something like that. Beth really helped me prepare for the 3000, she gave me a great pep/tactical talk and screamed the whole race! (and bribed me with 50 bucks, but OBVIOUSLY I was only racing for the glory...hehe) But seriously, Beth is awesome. I really appreciate the coaching. Its so nice to have someone to pump you up, tell you what to do and what to think so you can just go out and skate without worrying. I was lucky enough to have the support of Tim and Karen and Jim too! The coaching and cheering meant ALOT!! It makes me wonder if next year when I go to college ill have a team as awesome as RSST!

I got to meet some cool people there too! I met Ken Anderson from Chicago, whos blog I read, there is a link to it under "links"! I think he did pretty well, ended up top 3 maybe? Sounded like he was having some good races when I asked. Jim introduced me to Amy Peterson, I had NO IDEA what to say! What does one say when meeting a 4 time olympian?? I also met Brian Boudreau who is a national record holder for a number of distances! SO many cool people there!

Here are some pics, Ill have more up later these are the only ones I have now! My brother took some nice ones, plus some videos!

Julie and her gummy bears!

This is her explaining with the gummies the start of her race.

The green one is her. :P

I sure do love gummy bears!!

What a sexy jig!!

(Leslie!!) They also had what they called "CHE Hockey", if walking isnt your style!


Anonymous said...

We really should have taken a picture of the CHE HOCKEY posters!

Boudie said...

Hi Liz, i was surfing the web for results and found your blog. Congrats on the PBs. Andrew has some video that Pete Dykstra took and should have a video up soon. Nice meeting you and good luck. I did talk to Marty btw.

Ken said...

Hey Liz!

It was great to meet you in Lake Placid! And fun to watch you race, your group was VERY competitive... I was standing by the finish line when you got edged out by Sarah in one of the races (distance escapes me). Awesome race! I share your pain, I finished second overall, when I got edged in what was essentially the tiebreaking race for our group... by .03 seconds. OUCH! :)

Keep training! Oh, and I hope you're going to a college with ice nearby, yes?

sk8ermom3 said...

Liz- I violated every rule of starting yelling for you at Nationals. Bruce Lanser had to nearly stuff a sock in my mouth. You are a joy to watch skating. Trust me, there were MANY people on the sidelines with their jaws dropping as you edged ever closer to SK. Keep skating kiddo, you rock!