Monday, February 25, 2008

I Need An Altitude Adjustment!

I went to SLC last week for 4 days to check out the U of Utah and meet my new skating team! Little did I know the altitude would impact my skating. There were people from all over skating with me and they had no trouble at all and there I was, gasping for air the 3rd lap, and this was SHORT TRACK!! Good thing im moving there, ill get in some good high altitude training so when I have to skate anywhere else itll be easy!! They are so lucky, they have 2 hours of ice every day and for long track im not sure but the schedule seemed pretty open. One day I skated 2 hours of short track, changed my skates, then skated 2 hours of long track! Every skaters dream, right?!

Theyve got some sick crosstraining options too! World-class skiing, mountain climbing, road/mt biking, rock climbing, pancakes, all sorts of fun stuff! Everyone there is really nice, the coaches are cool, its a cool city with a kindof train thing called the UTA TRAX running through it. The school didnt have the major I wanted but im willing to compromise. :)

My new grocery store, Wild Oats!!

Fast people on the Oval

Fast people on the ST (Cherise is in there somewhere!)

My aching legs after a hard 4 hours of awesometastic ice time!!


bobsledder poster

A sliding track

Reminds me of lake placid!!


The most amazing scenery I have EVER seen!

Cool bridge on campus

If anyone watches the spanish soaps on Univision, heres their mothership!!


From the plane


Ken said...

SLC is cool, huh?!? I am heading out there on Thursday for the LT American Cup Final. I saw you at the rink today, but you were in the first aid tent getting a finger bandaged up... hope all is well! Hope you're racing went well and you got plenty of PBs (although I heard the ice wasn't great/fast).

Ken said...

Oops, that should have been "your"... pet peeve. :)