Friday, February 8, 2008

Pancake Review #6

Organic FlaxPlus Multigrain Pancake Mix


Yes, it's an actual mix for once!!


Mix the mix with milk and oil and tadaaaa!!! So easy.

Equipment Used:

Cast Iron Skillet, a flipper, a bowl!


They are so much easier to make than from scratch. They taste like little mouthfuls of happiness. And they're HEALTHY! Whole grain. No pesticides. Sustainable. Sustainable pancakes? Why not!


They take a little longer to cook but I guess they don't have any egg so its OK to undercook a little ;P


These are good at filling you up, I usually have 4 pancakes. With these I only need to make 2! Another thing I can watch swim in gallons of maple syrup! Mmmmm

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