Wednesday, January 30, 2008

American Cup 3

It turned out interestingly for our team.... we went out to eat the night before and Ryan got food poisoning and wasnt able to compete the whole weekend which sucked!! What a waste of a peak week right Ryan?!
My luck started when Lily took me out during warmups and again 2 more times (But I still love you!)(FYI we take eachother out during practice all the time...), once I got up and realized my blades werent on the boots all the way which made it awkward to finish!! (The loose blades probably spared me a broken leg though...) Then I proceeded to fall a fourth time. This time my feet hit the pads driving my knee up into my face nearly breaking my nose!!
It's always fun though. Cherise gave me a pep talk that really helped, she said you just gata find your qi and take it one race at a time! I took this advice to heart and guess what I did in the 1500m final? I WON. Imagine that? Relax, forget about it, and win!! What a concept. I like to ignore the fact that it was the C final and my time was nearly 20 seconds off. Winning is always fun.
Marty said you just have to realize that even though you have a bad race or even a whole strain of bad races like ive been having that you always come out skating better than before you started skating like crap!!

Im gonna go kick ass at Long Track Nationals this weekend!!

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